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Hi. First time here ! I suffered a heart attack last week. Admitted to hospital and had 1 stent fitted but was told the main artery was badly diseased so I was given the option of stopping and having major surgery or carry on stent the artery that had brought me there and try medication. I had 30 seconds on the operating table to make a decision ! I opted for the latter but now feel I’m a ticking time bomb ! I’d like to talk to someone but not sure who to contact

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I am sure you will now be being monitored, and on medication, which is all good news. My understanding is that the stent has relieved the immediate problem, which gives you and the specialists time to assess. If you do go on to need a bypass, if you read others experiences on the forum a) it can be a bit of a wait and b) there are a lot of bypass success stories, support and advice on here. Husband had a heart attack and stent 6 months ago. Due to monitoring by gp and consultant, they discovered another major artery 80% blocked, he had this stented and ballooned 2 months ago. He may well need this bypassed in the future. Talk to your cardiac team, or the bhf contacts, or your gp, arm yourself with info, its early days for you yet. Go to rehab if offered, its great. Its so easy to say dont worry, but seek info and reassurance and worries will lessen. Good luck!


Thank you so much for replying I’ve got so many questions! I’ll start tomorrow with the ward and see how I go


Go back to your cardiac team. They know the reasons for and against either option.


The stent has given you time. You need to talk with your GP and cardiac team. Possibly you need an array of tests to determine the extent of disease/damage. The last thing you want is to have had a single bypass to subsequently find out you needed a triple. There have been a number of cases where people have had one or two stents done n an emergency and then to find they need more stents or a bypass some months down the line.

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Hi, 20 years ago my husband had a massive heart attack. A bypass was not an option as his main artery was completely blocked neither was a stent for the same reason. Fortunately, his other arteries were fine. It took a while to sort him out but he's been treated by medication only since. However, he did turn his life around, eating healthy, regular excercise etc. Do you have a heart nurse you can talk to, or your cardiologist or GP. Hope you feel better soon


Hi Auctioneerjim and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but as you can see by the replies you have so far, heart issues are not as exact science and we all differ in many ways.

The stent will give time to decide on next course of action which may be surgical, maybe medication, you should talk to your cardiologist and go through the options available to you, make a list of questions for them as we all go in with great intentions only to forget what we want to ask. Speak to the BHF, ask questions on here, we have a mine of useful information which we are all eager to share.

good luck



Hi Auctioneerjim, so sorry to hear about your heart attack, this must be a stressful time. If you'd like to speak to someone, our cardiac nurses at the BHF can give support and answer any questions or concerns you may have: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/how... Really hope this helps. Take care :)


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