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Stopping bisoprolol

Hi there, I just wanted some reassurance really, today I’m having a bp monitor for 24hrs then an exercise test tomorrow so iv been told to stop my bisoprolol for this time (just over 24hrs) and I’m really worried as I know just stopping beta blockers can be dangerous, I know it’s only for a short amount of time but I just want to know that I’ll be ok? I take my bisoprolol at around 10am every morning and my appointments are at 1:30pm and I’m on 1.25mg

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Most daily meds have an effect for over 24 hours and if the test is being done by hour GP or the hospital they would not suggest missing a dose if there was any danger. Take your bisoprolol as soon as possible afterwards but do not double up your dose!


As you're on 1.25mg of bisoprolol which I think is the lowest dose and only coming off for a day also under medical supervision anyway I doubt that you'll have any problems. For what it's worth I was on 2.5gm for a year after a bypass and was told to stop bisprolol without any weaning off by my consultant because the low heart rate was making me feel very tired. It did cause me problems as my heart rate shot up to over 100bpm just walking round. I persevered for several months hoping the effect would wear off but it didn't and finally my GP put me back on 1.25mg which has put me back on an even keel.


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