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Dentist Question

Hello Fellow Heart Travellers

Had a visit to the Dentist yesterday which has left me with a couple of Questions.

Just before Christmas I was eating a Banana Toffee you know the rather Chewy ones, well it pulled a rather large filling out of my tooth so I saw the Dentist yesterday to cut a longish story short the outcome was She can't save the tooth by re filling as she is of the opinion that it may cause an absess.

Option 1 leave it as it is causing me no pain at the moment nerve probably dead !!!

Option 2 Extraction so my decision on what to do.

Question has anyone had an extraction whilst taking Heart meds and Asprin 75mg just a little concerned as to potential bleeding any feedback appreciated


Frank W

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Toffee is evil. I took the front of a tooth off with one of those disc ones. I had a root canal and a crown. £200 made it an expensive toffee but it all went very well with no drama


I think I'd ask my dentist about issues with an extraction and your medication. 'Any change in your medication' is the first question my dentists asks me each time I go, so that would be my opportunity. Having said this, since you are likely only to have a local, I don't think it'll be a problem should you opt for extraction. And the aspirin is unlikely to be an issue either.

If it were me in your position, I'd opt for extraction. If you have a hole in your tooth its going to be perpetual trap for food and will be difficult to clean. A potential source of further dental problems.


I know if I have any dental work or surgery I must have antibiotics to prevent endocarditis. Also I had a tooth upper molar, out around 2003, because of a cracked tooth,the bone has now reduced which means any dental implant for an artificial tooth would mean a load of surgery to rebuild the bone, i would at least try to save a tooth and have a crown now rather than extraction, but it is my personal reason, i hope all goes well and you make the right decision for you.


Hi Frank,

I have exactly the same issue. Mine too happened just before xmas.

The only reason I haven't gone for it yet is the cost of £56, pounds.

I didn't evan think about the blood flow.

I guess the fact that the dentist knows of your medical history & meds. One would hope they are more than prepared for all eventualities.

Good luck with it all 😊


I had an implant done, while on masses of heart drugs including aspirin. It was no problem. But clopidogrel is one to watch, if you’re on that. Definitely needs mentioning. And, of course warfarin. It doesn’t hurt to remind the dentist.


I believe if your on Warfrin you may have to go and get your blood checked, but as for the rest your dentist should know what effects the meds have.


Thanks for the replies folks. I think I just threw a bit of a wobbler when the Dentist just said it will have to come out. First tooth out for around 55 years but lots of fillings -)



I had an extraction last year and asked for antibiotic cover because of heart problems and a shoulder implant and they refused to give it. Said there was no need. Following extraction I contracted endocarditis due to infected saliva gland where they injected the local and now have a damaged heart and heart failure.


My granddaughter (congenital heart) on warfarin had to go into hospital to have tooth removed four years ago. She now needs another extraction and again it will involve three day hospital stay. She is 23 but still has some baby teeth.


Update on Dentist.

After a visit yesterday to Descale and fix a small filling, Dentist has said she will refer me for a Hospital Extraction as I was bleeding quite a bit from the descale etc. So not worth the risk of trying to remove the tooth in the Dental Practice. About a 4 week wait so that is pretty good. Thanks for previous replies

Best Regards

Frank W


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