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Six Months

Wow still can’t believe it happen.

Peppa Pigs working fine, starting to have more good days than bad. Been back at work for 3 months, I do feel tired by the afternoon, and very thankful that I only work part time, total respect ✊ for those of you who work full time. I’ve excepted it’s a now a different kind of normal, I’m not going to feel guilty if I need a little sleep in the afternoon, especially after going to work, I allow myself more time to do the more mundane things like house work, and don’t stress about it, there’s always tomorrow 😂 next is to get myself in better shape, and I know I will feel more motivated as the days get brighter and hopefully the sun ☀️ returns.

Thanks too everyone of you who have helped me on my way and I know that you will all be here if and when I need advise or just a good moan.

Wishing you all the very best.


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Well done Kaz, you are amazing! Managing to go to work and get on with life at home is no mean feat after what you’ve been through. As you say the brighter days ahead will encourage us all to get out and exercise, I can’t wait.

I too still need daytime naps and have to pace myself, go with the flow.

Take care and keep improving.

With love, Dory x💕


Thanks Dory

I hope your recovery is going in the right direction. 6 months is a good indicator, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m now very hopeful that 12 month one, I shall be me again. Just got home from work and having 30 min with my feet up 😂 thanks for your support Kaz❤️💕💖


Thank you Kaz, I have to remind myself to be patient. Your progress is an inspiration.

Dory x💕


Happy days Kaz well done to you



Thanks Mark

Just got home from work, still need the odd afternoon nap 😴

But the Black Dog doesn’t follow me around some much these days, I’ve just excepted that I will have low mood days and learnt to bite my tongue 👅

And my somewhat warped sense of humour sees me though 😆 Hope you are keeping well. And thanks for your support Kaz❤️💕💖


I do enjoy biting my tongue especially as I'm probably thinking d---head at the same time! Doing well thanks though I do slip off to bed early at least one night a week


We'll done Kaz and thanks for posting. I guess It is easy to forget the forum and move on after a few months. Your post is an inspiration. Best of luck for the future. Margaret x


Thanks Margaret

I hope you are keeping well.

I check the site nearly every day so your not getting rid of me lol 😂 it’s weird how you connect with people you’ve never met and I like too know that everyone is keeping well. So I may not post as often but I love reading the posts and sharing my experience and giving reassurance to others who are starting their heart journey . Take care and keep warm Kaz❤️💕💖

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