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I am 76 yrs old, I live alone and am disabled, On Dec 11th I had a heart attack late evening when home alone. the NOWDOC service let me down badly but luckily I was still able to dial 999, very shortly three fantastic paramedics arrived and from that moment I felt very safe, I had a clot near my heart so following morning I had a stent fitted, I was back home in 24 hrs and feeling better than I thought I would be. Now one month later I feel very abandoned and alone, I dont see anyone and am finding it a huge effort to cook for myself and keep the house tidy. I am wondering if this depressed feeling can be normal and how long am I likely to have this feeling, also I am very short of breath I dont have energy for anything

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Good morning

I could not go back off to sleep without dropping you a quick reply.

What you are feeling is entirely normal you have experienced a big shock both physically and mentally with your confidence taking a hit too.

You will find support here from all kinds of wonderful caring people who will help you to overcome these feelings.

You could consider joining a BHF Support Group near you


I am sure others will be along to offer you support in the hours ahead. In the meantime keep smiling you are going to be okay.




Hi there, as Cube says its all very normal as the after effects hit you. Have you seen your gp about the breathlessness and fatigue, could be due to some of your medication? Are there any local groups you could join to ease your loneliness? Try contacting your local council, they should be able to assist as well

take care



Hello there - feeling low or depressed is very common after a heart attack, but the sad thing is that many people feel they can't talk about it to anyone. I hope this forum is useful for you to get some things off your chest, and you'll probably find people have had very similar experiences to you.

You might find this webpage useful: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/liv... and there's also a copy of our booklet on emotional wellbeing you can download. If you'd rather have a hard copy, you can call our helpline on 0300 330 3311 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or email us on hearthelpline@bhf.org.uk and we can post a copy out to you for free.

I hope this helps.

Take care,



Hello there,

A very big welcome to thus lovely forum.

Sorry to hear you are feeling lost, confussed & alone right now.

But yes it is very normal and exspireanced by most on here at some stage.

No, it doesn't last forever, so don't you be thinking that. Things will get better, sooner than you think.

Like our friends on here have already said though. It is really very important that you have and feel supported.

I know you live alone and you may not have family or friends near by. But there is still lots of support out there for you my love.

Now from what I think you are saying, is in the beginning when you had the heart attack. There seemed to be plenty of concern, attention and support around.

But now a bit further down the line, it's almost like everyone has forgotten about you.

I think we all hot that feeling, evan those of us that don't live alone.

Trouble is, if we don't talk about it, talk about how we are feeling. Then how are our loved ones, or the medical field meant to know we are unhappy or lonely?

You my darling need to talk to your Gp. Maybe your Gp will ask the practice nurse to spend some time with you.

You could & should sort out cardiac rehab. You'll meet new people who have exspireanced simula heart issues to you. You'll get great advice and support at rehab.

Councilling is also a great thing to help you deal with the anxiety that can come from the trauma you have just been through.

As said above, you could contact your local authority to find out what help and support is going in your area for someone with a disability and who has had a heart attack.

Don't try and go it alone. There is lost of support, you just have to let the right people know you need it.

Best of wishes to you. Sending hugs Jo 😊

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