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A fib

So i normally post for me but this time it’s to ask questions for my husband. He felt his heart racing yesterday when he wasn’t doing anything we took his blood pressure and it was high but not too bad but an irregular heartbeat symbol popped up i thought it could be a fluke so we took it again 30 mins later bc he still felt his heart racing and the symbol was there again and he’s heart rate was faster 102. This went on for about 2 hrs before we called a dr on call. And they said could be his antibiotic but to come in to make sure. They did 2 ekgs and one showed he was in afib and his heart rate was 166 they sent us to the er right away. Of course when we got there he was out of afib and normal so the dr did blood test and chest x ray and said all was normal they didn’t know why he went into afib but the ekg definitely showed he was.

My question for anyone with afib how does it work? Is it serious? They told us to follow up with his dr and get a echo but that’s really all they said. I worry so just wanted to seek advice from anyone who may have afib


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I have just been diagnosed with A fib as of Nov.2017. I was extremely breathless & no energy. I was firstly put on Beta Blockers,but they made me feel very unwell,and so my meds were changed to a "calcium blocker"called Adizem,together with Rivaroxaban (new generation blood thinner) I was devastated at first,but told it was very common,and completely treatable. I have an Electrocardiogram Thurs so may know more after that. Don't despair, you will feel better & it's possible to live a "normal"lifestyle. Good luck.


Thank you I’m just worried for my husband. This has never happened before and the Er dr told us it might never happen again he couldn’t explain why my husband was in afib. And hes worried for himself bc he doesn’t know what’s going on with him but wants to stay strong for me.


What had he last eaten? The levels of MSG in most Chinese food cause me palpitations and nausea. I totally avoid it after being hospitalised a number of times until a doctor made the connection.


We ate a sweet potato and roasted chicken with a little bit of coconut aminos. The only new thing that he was been doing is walking more and that morning he ran some. Also he has been taking an antibiotic for a deep cut he got on Wednesday. The afib happened Friday afternoon.

He thinks it was a reaction to the antibiotic but the doctors didn’t think so. It’s just so random that this happened out of the blue.


I had afib shortly after my bypass but went for 18 months without a single flutter. shortly after my recent flu jab I went into AF for four days before it returned to normal. Coincidence? I doubt it.


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