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Already on 2 blood pressure tablets now a heart murmur

Hi all I was dx with a heart murmur in December and had a Echo the following week. I see the cardiologist on Tuesdayvand am quite nervous already. I have TD1 Diabetes ( 22 years) and am 49. Worried cos already on blood pressure tablets ( Losartan and doxasosin) I get quite breathless on walking and the lady doing Echo said the cardiologist would explain everything on Tuesday do I am guessing something is wrong if there are things to explain !. I had a murmur when born I weighed 1lb 14 oz so maybe it’s catching up with me or another diabetic complication. Anyone else with diabetes or know what more tests I might expect to have with a murmur? I would like a stress test.

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Hi tallyho, I was diagnosed with a heart murmur in 1987 till then I had no idea that I had a murmur. After about 10yrs I began to suffer from breathlessness, palpitations, dizziness etc.

I had lots of tests, ECGs, TOEs, angiograms, stress test etc, I imagine if needed you will have some of these tests to help to get more information about the murmur so your cardiologist can decide if any treatment is needed. It could be that at the moment you don't need any intervention but at least you are being checked out which is good.

Best wishes


I was born with a heart murmur and always known. They found it at brith or maybe before I can’t remember which. I’ve grown up to a point understanding that I have a heart condition. I’m 31 and still trying to understand life with a heart condition. It’s not easy to get used to.

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