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Heart rate fluctuations


I’ve been battling a range of symptoms for a while now always after eating and hope someone might be able to put my mind at rest that theyre not heart related. I have short episodes usually 10-30mins whereby I struggle to catch a breath, have a restriction in my chest like a band/belt, dizziness, suddenly very cold, tingling in face and hands and lips go slightly blue, heart rate falls to 50bpm. On walking heart rate rises to 145bpm despite the walk being leisurely, resting heart rate sits between 65-95. Im asthmatic and have had investigations for gastro and allergies none of which have shed any light on symptoms. Should I push to see a cardiologist?

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Hi Stpatrick,

Yes I get a bad cough, extreme bloating on eating to the point I look pregnant! Gastroenterologist has ruled out anything gastro related. I’m not unable to move when I have these episodes however I feel I need to lie down and sleep as I feel extreme exhaustion. I’m only taking inhalers for asthma nothing else. Going back to respiratory consultant but not for 4 months. Are your symptoms heart related, do you have a diagnosis of have you seen a consultant or had any investigations?


Just read your post. I think if I were you I would push to see a cardiologist. Nome of us can say if these are/are not heart related. I am asthmatic and was getting various symptoms which I thought might be asthma related or gastro related. I would go back to the doctors and ask to see cardiologist sooner, best to rule things out. They won’t be annoyed at you I put off doing anything for almost a year and I am now on the road to recovery. It is best to get things checked out.


You most certainly should push to see a cardiologist.


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