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Very low resting heart rate


I am a 33 year old white male, former smoker. I recently got a fitbit and it has revealed I have a slow heart rate. I have double checked manually and it is accurate. Sometimes my heart rate goes as low as 47bpm. Resting normally is at 51bpm. I am not an athlete and I only really do brisk walks as exercise. My blood pressure seems to be normal. Could this signal an issue with my heart?

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No mate, mines exactly the same after Heart Attack and 4 stents, currently on Beta blockers, statins, aspirin, and Blood pressure meds, I also use a Fitbit,

Febfg in reply to SPV123

Thanks for the reply just for a bit of context I have no history of heart disease and I am not on heart meds.

If your heart rate drops to those levels at night during sleep many cardiologists accept it as fairly normal,however during the day while up & about they may consider it an issue! My own dropped into the mid 20's at night occasionally, with day time heart rates as low as 39bpm. I ended up with a PM 6 months ago. For peace of mind get it checked out!

Welcome to the forum Febfg

You would need to give a little more information on your reasons for asking a question like you have. I see you have said your not on meds etc or no known Heart Issues

Personally I have been down in the low thirties but that is through Medication, so you see why you need to give a little more !! For a diagnosis you need to source professional Medical Advice no one on the site has the qualification to diagnose. We all help each other with our experiences but that's as far as it goes.

Stay Well and Safe

Hi Febfg. Does your heart rate go up when you exercise? And then back down again when you stop? Do you feel otherwise fine (ie not dizzy/fainting, fatigued, confused, short of breath, chest pains and/sometimes confused)? And can you manage your brisk walks easily?

Febfg in reply to NorthantsSteve

Heart rate goes up to about 85/100 when I'm littering round the house then probably up to max 120 when I'm walking. The walks are not really an issue. I do feel nauseous though.

NorthantsSteve in reply to Febfg

It’s probably nothing. Your heart sounds like it’s doing what it’s supposed to do but worth getting it checked out.

Canbe in reply to Febfg

I think if u are worried you should at least get a telephone appointment with you GP especially if up to a 100 and only moving around house and not exerting yourself AND feeling nauseous

Smileyian in reply to Febfg

When I Had AFIB resting 100 and walking 130 plus. Had 2 ablations and now apx 50 resting. BP 128/75

¿How long is a piece of string?

When I was an athlete (in my mid-forties, in the 1990s) a resting pulse rate of 30 was OK.

Before I had a pacemaker, when I was in "permanent" AF, a pulse rate of 30 gave me an SPO2 of 75... and, some days, I was waking up paralysed from the eyelids down.

My AF is now in remission, and my pacemaker keeps my HR above about 50.

Do you feel faint, e.g. when you stand up (postural hypotension)?

Do your feet turn blue? (peripheral cyanosis, or blue-foot disease).

Febfg in reply to S11m

My feet don't turn blue. Sometimes I have a flushed face. Sometimes I feel a bit of a headrush when standing but I have never fainted or anything.

What is AF?

S11m in reply to Febfg

AF is Atrial Fibrillation - when your Atria do not beat (in sync with you ventricles).

Febfg in reply to S11m

Thanks. I am having a 24 hour monitor done so that should pick anything like that up.

Mine is exactly the same 45 bpm at 3am and between 49-53 at rest normally. No issue for me.

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