The Custamery 'm New Here

Just thought it might be helpful being here, I'm new to this heart attack world, I've read a few posts, it's interesting reading about others, and realising we all go through the same exsperence.....

I've had an heart attack, an angiogram resulting in 4 stents fitted, awaitting a second, what can I say? Hello and pleased to meet you all.

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  • hello bluesky and welcome to the forum, good to meet you too

    you are awaiting a second? Hope stent and not heart attack!



  • might be just another anjiogram or anotherstent but now found a leaky vaive so I'll just have to wait and see..

  • hopefully a smaller issue

  • Hi bluesky, nice to meet you. I have found others experience and advice helpful so I hope you do too. Tania

  • Hi bluesky......cwelcome to the forum which I have found really helpful and it' nice to be around others who understand the mental as well as physical issues around having a heart problem. It' also been good to have a laugh and sometimes see the funny side of things.....and also to focus on life after HA. there are some really inspirational people on the forum too.

    Welcome on board


  • To be honest Heartlady1 mentaly hasn't bothered me just glad the pain in my right shoulder as gone, having to walk every day has solved my going out of the house problem, and being put on sertraline as cured my Anxiety problem, plus I see my doctor it's been a win win alround...and thks for the welcome.

  • Hi and welcome, keep us all posted posted how it goes char x

  • Thks for the welcome Chaz1958

  • update on my condition; Latest on the new guy, just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabeties to day,start on another tablet Thursday Metformin 500mg once a day to start, aw well another pill to add to the pill box lol, only good side effect being could cause weight loss,as well as vomitting,diarhea..good fun and there's me thinking i'm fit as a fiddle,well there goes jumping over the

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