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Arterial calcification

Following a recent CT angiogram, I received the results confirming that I've 'moderate three vessel coronary artery disease with concentric calcification in the proximal LAD'. The cardiologist will see me soon 'to assess my symptoms and discuss further diagnostic options'. I'm 63 and had a minor stroke 7 months ago. I stopped statin after 3 months and clopidogrel couple of weeks ago (may have to resume) with GP's consent. Have been on plant-based diet eversince. Cholesterol has come down to 5.5 and stay coming down, fingers crossed.

How serious is my CVD? Will I be given more medication and what? Is it reversible using natural remedies eg diet?

Thank you kindly.

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Hi there,

Not sure how serious CVD is as everyone is different. The way to look at it is that you are now in the loop and a team of cardiologists will be discussing the next course of action for you. Just continue on healthy eating, no transfats use vegetable oil for cooking and try not to over think things. Generally I think an eventual bypass will be offered. I had severe CVD, and had a triple bypass in April this year, it's a very bumpy ride physically and psychologically, but right now I'm doing well. Still I have fatigue and scar area gets very sore and I get more tired quicker than before if I've overdone it. But things could have been very different indeed without the medical intervention.

Hope this helps



Hi Twobells,

Sorry to hear this, I can’t help you I’m afraid but wish you well.


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Hello there - sorry to hear about your CT angiogram results. It's good that you'll be seeing a cardiologist, and considering your results it's likely they're be considering doing a coronary angiogram to get a clearer picture of what your arteries look like: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/tes...

This will then help to decide the next course of action, which can include stents to widen your arteries, or heart bypass surgery depending on how severe the disease is and how many arteries need treatment (if any).

It's great that you've managed to get your cholesterol down by changing your diet. Including plant-based meals in any diet will help you achieve your 5 a day target and improve your overall health, but I'm afraid that any disease in your coronary arteries isn't reversible. Living a healthy lifestyle can, however, help to prevent your disease getting worse or at the very least slow it down. We have an article here about following a vegan/plant-based diet that might be interesting for you: bhf.org.uk/heart-matters-ma...

I hope this helps, Chris

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How did things pan out - what did the drs advise as i am similar


All good so far. Cardiologist confirmed no medication needed for now and advised me to 'live my life as normal'. Continue with plan of action, ie, plant-based diet, low carbs, low sugar, gluten-free, seeds, beans, fruits and exercise and meditation. Stopped clopidogrel and now on half an aspirin daily. Stopped statin and cholesterol hovers around 5.4. Not bothered about primary prevention level of 4.0 as recommended. Best wishes!


Thats good news. All the best for the future

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