Just diagnosed with Angina


I was diagnosed with PMR last September and this is how I found this site. I had an ECG on Monday and was diagnosed with Angina, and I am to go back for the heart stress test to see if any problems with blood circulation.

My new medication is, Isosorbide mon., asprin and Glyceryl spray.

I don't know much about Angina and the information on NHS website doesn't really help. Can anyone please tell me what to expect and if I can do anything to help myself.

Thank you.

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  • hi Marlenec, welcome to the forum. Firstly sorry to hear of the diagnosis, but good news its been found. There are a number of posts here healthunlocked.com/bhf/post...




    After your stress test, assuming no issues, they will assess how you get on with your meds before deciding on any further action.

    There are plenty on here with experience and they will be along to provide advice and experience, there are also volunteer nurses who help out and a BHF helplne 0300 330 3311, open 9-5 Monday to Friday

  • Thank you skid112 - very helpful, I'll look at all these!

  • Hello - sorry to hear about your angina diagnosis. If you'd like to read more we have a webpage: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/con... you can also download or order a free hard copy of our more comprehensive angina booklet here too.

    I hope this helps, Chris

  • Hi Chris

    Thank you that's very helpful - I'll do that now!

  • Hi Marlenec I am also new to this site I was told last year I had angina and like you had the stress exercise test. I hope you have good results.Unfortunately for me I then went on to have angiogram . Which showed I had a blockage which is being treated with medication . Other people having the same test though were told they had clear arterys so keep positive . I have a booklet on Angina that they have at the hospital and that is very helpful so pick it up when you next go. Good luck x

  • Hi Plum53 - sorry to hear you have a problem and I hope the medication will sort it out for you. I have ordered a booklet online from the Heart Foundation so it may be the same. I also have PMR - and the forum there is amazing, this was how I found this site. Good luck to you too x

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