After problems with prescription meds, awful wound infection which is ongoing I have spent the morning having emergency tests and treatment to find out what I suspected and have a DVT in my left leg. So yet more medication, scans and tests but what I will say is bless our NHS and wonderful staff.

The replacement valve and artery have been a walk in the park compared to post op complications. Hope you are all doing well

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  • Poor you Joan! Keep your chin up, as you said the NHS are great and will soon sort you out I'm sure. Keep us posted. Thinking of you. x

  • Oh good Lord, I hope you get better soon

  • You have been having a rotten time post op haven't you. After my first AVR I got a small husband nfection at the bottom of my scar, right under my bra, but I'm going to have to be so careful this time because of my compromised immune system. Hope you make a quick recovery from this and continue recovering from your op.

  • Sad to hear you are having a bad time of it so far.

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery, 🙂

  • Poor you, you must be royally fed up by now. Hopefully this is the last bump in the road to recovery and you can relax soon. Best of luck x

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