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Me again Newbie and scared

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Everything seems to be snowballing and gaining speed.

Hospital bombarding me with tests.

Next Invasive test angiography.

Does anyone know what it's like?

Have read about complications Including death!!!!!

Then lung function tests and chest CT and MRI!

I have been requested to go to University hospital for more tests to do with research. As results of previous tests show I have a severely prolapsed mitral valve and severe regurgitation.

But absolutely no problems or symptoms!!

As I mentioned before I walk at Very brisk pace sometimes 12-15 miles a day with my job

Which Doctors don't seem to fully understand.

Apparently they are trying to identify why this is with small number of people.

Presumably this will help others In the future.

Still really scared and worried about everything.

Especially the operation itself feel little anxious and depressed. Not sleeping too good since told I need the surgery.

Any advice appreciated

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I too am awaiting angiogram getting done next week. Everyone I speak to about it says it’s nothing. You don’t feel a thing.


I think every procedure carries a risk of death if you read the small print. My angiogram did not go very well (I have tiny arteries and they spasmed) but I still did not die, just wouldn't choose to do it again for fun! Really, the more they can find out, the better. I find it sometimes helps to remind myself that my doctors are experts who want me to be well. It can be quite liberating to trust their judgement...if you can achieve that mindset. Good luck :)


Hi again Big T,

My biggest advice is to stop reading on line about really can be frightening and untrue.

A cardio angiogram is fine.

No pain..bit of sedation given.they look after you and mine took approx 30 mins.

You are bound to be scared,its the unknown.we all are.

Ring up the bhf nurses and let them reassure you,also the nurses at the hospital are fab.i felt the same as you so tell them how frightened you will be helped i promise.i was a wreck.

Its not an easy thing to come terms with but you need to be as tip top as you can be before surgery so you recover quicker.

I am 8 weeks post op,still very sore but feel so very much better.old mitral valve gone; my new clicky one in.

Take care

Jenny x

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skid112Heart Star

Hi big t, it's only normal to be worried and scared, it's the unknown. The angiogram, like every other procedure, has risks, but you'll be monitored constantly, you may even get to look if you have that urge.

The doctors wouldn't be going to all this trouble if they weren't sure of something, you are in very capable hands and once a course of treatment is in progress back to your old self in no time.

Good luck with it all, let us know how you get on as we love a shared experience, we are open 24/7 usually some mad insomniacs posting!


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I’ve had angiogram twice. I was in hospital after my event on the 1st one, scared myself after reading just the consent form. Had the 2nd 2 years after 1st. But it’s perfectly normal to feel that way, i agree to much reading online really doesn’t help, the procedure saved my life, I was sedated on my 1st one which helped the 2nd time I wasn’t. The staff were great and really helped put me at ease. Take care Sharron x

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Hi Sherron.... I too had an angiogram and although i was scared beforehand.... it was not half as scary as I had thought. No pain.... And they talked me through everything too.... while they were doing it... which was very reassuring.

I was also worried about my MRI scan as I am very chlostraphobic ... however this too was fine.... I was given of my choice... to listen to... And all went well

All of the tests will help them to pinpoint the issue and be able to correct it. Glad to hear you are feeling fine and being fit and healthy will certainly help you post any op in your recovery.

All the very best with the tests.

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Another one who has had two Angiograms, both without sedation because I am allergic to the drug they use to sedate.

All went well and I was able to watch on screen and see where my arteries were narrowed & blocked.

I had a slight issue after the second when I developed a Haemotoma at the Angio site on my arm, but the teams are highly skilled and it was dealt with very quickly.

Please don't worry. This procedure saves thousands of lives every year. It gives a diagnostic opportunity to the Cardiologist and means that you can be given exactly the treatment you need.


I agree with all the advice given by “ heart lady , skid, and laura, you are always going to be anxious , I was to, but they need to do all the test to come up with your treatment plan. I found the British Heart Foundation has lots of info on all the tests and procedures you are likely to have, I know exactly what you are going through but try not to worry to much.



Hi my brother had one and said it was nothing to get worried about . I had mine and felt it was fine. The only upsetting bit was when I saw the narrowing on the screen ( I watched all the time) I was so hoping everything would be clear . There is a risk with all procedures and they have to tell you about them but people are having them done all the time with no problems. Don't worry it's really not so bad . Good luck x


Angiogram is no problem, especially if you can get it done through the arm, much easier than through the leg. The only thing you'll feel is the injection for the anaesthetic, no worse than any other jab.


Hi BigT I have replied to you before. I had AVR op 14 weeks ago, returned back to work 3 days ago. I’ve had all the tests, and yes it’s all sounds very daunting and you are scared. The angiogram sounds more scary than it is, I’d say it was uncomfortable for the 1st 5mins but not painful, I was given diazepam and they went through my groin, I found it fascinating to watch it on the screen. The CT scan was again ok you just get a jolt when they put the dye in then a nice warm feeling, lung test is just a series of blowing into a machine .The operation itself now looking back was no where as bad as I had imagined . But no matter how many people tell you it won’t stop you from being scared , it’s only human nature. But we are all here to tell the tale, and you will be too. I just looked at it I have too do it because the alternative is not worth thinking about, I kept my sense of humour that’s really helped. So take care, keep ya updated, and we are all here if you need us Kaz ❤️💕❣️


I agree with everyone above. The angiogram was nothing to worry about, it didn't hurt and was quite fascinating. I'd never been in hospital before (apart from having my children), so it was all a bit new and frightening, but I needn't have worried.

Good luck with it all.


I’ve had a angiogram and heart mri and I coped but they where not nice. After angiogram I bled from the bum area and that was the wrost I had. I came on the day after the bleeding stopped so I wasn’t sure if it was the bleeding or my period. The mri was easy compired to the angiogram but still wasn’t nice, but they are ok. I find wen my heart is bad I can still walk as normal.



I had an angiogram two weeks ago completely out of the blue as I had chest pains which turned out to be a heart attack. ( no heart problems history at all ) they also put a stent in. I was worried sick about procedure but in all honesty it was just slightly uncomfortable for a few seconds. Over and done with in no time. Please don't worry too much, you will be in safe hands.

Take care 😊


Hi I had one a little while ago and was really scared,but apart from a small discomfort when the last tube came out it was fine. The trouble is some people just like to tell you the worst,don't listen we are all different. Good luck with it and try not to worry x


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