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Winds easing in the NW.......

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Off for blood test for Coeliac antibodies shortly. Half hoping result will be positive as it would explain so many of my symptoms, including the current anaemia.

Meanwhile, am pleased to report that the side effects of the iron fumarate appear to be easing slightly. Maybe as a result of taking the jollop with a small glass of 🍊 juice. I do now have dark under eye circles to rival Lurch or Uncle Fester (? my liver trying to process the extra iron) but you can do wonders with make up & I could be an asset to the grandchildren come Halloween !.

Still waiting on the mammogram results...... sometimes it feels like bits are dropping off........half dose beta blocker seems to suit......

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Gave me good laugh to start they day🤣... hope everything goes well ... ♥️

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skid112Heart Star

heres hoping the bloods are good. As for the rest, i am sure i speak for your grandchildren and hope the ill wind has indeed to speak!

I thought the air in Glasgow felt calmer this morning... ;)

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Coeliac isn't a bad thing to deal with as getting the diet right resolves many of the issues. My wife is Coeliac suffers with anaemia and mal-absorption but with good diet and healthier life style things improved, biopsy diagnosis over 20 years ago.

As to life with bits dropping - at least it gives friends a starting point for conversations, or guess what's different this week.

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Berylsmum in reply to Hidden

Thanks for this. Had none of the usual symptoms for coeliac other than the insidious onset of the anaemia. I am lucky my GP does think 'outside the box' (he recently suggested persistent sore mouth might be due to Vit B deficiency) and I am grateful to him for researching a vegetarian iron supplement.

I'm glad your wife is doing so well on the gluten free diet. Long may it continue.

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