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Better out than in ??

Had a quiet day indoors yesterday but have walked to the supermarket today. Side effects from the iron fumarate remain, the pinching tummy pain & embarrassing flatulence, but it does come & go. I think it was slightly eased by taking the jollop mid meal & incorporating some fruit. There are so many things you are supposed to avoid because they inhibit the absorption. Have now bought some 🍊 juice, which shouldld be easier to take in combo.

I'm pleased to report that the half dose beta blocker seems to have kicked in fine. No woozy heads as yet & pulse up to 'normal'.

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Morning Berylsmum, glad to hear no ill effects from the beta blocker. Having ceased laughing long enough to google iron supplements and speak to my veggie daughter, the suggestion is to try feroglobin, its organic and comes in liquid form which apparently is quite tasty


Hi. Thanks for this. My GP has prescribed the fumarate having researched a veggie option at my request. I had even offered to buy a supplement myself because I know they can be expensive & the NHS can't fund everything !. But doc insisted I take high dose for 3 months, hence the fumarate. It is liquid & initially palatable. I'm hoping it is something my body will get used to.......got school pick up tomorrow & there's only so much a 10 year old boy will forgive !!


I wish both of you luck


10 year olds forgive more than they say. The NHS is funny beast - short on resources but doesn't find ways increase revenue through encouraging self medication using an approved list.

Good to hear you are progressing and finding the balance.


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