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7 weeks, mixed health still

So I started Cardiac Rehab last Friday and had my second session this Tuesday. So far because of my health prior to the bypass not being great I have found it tiring for sure. I've also ended up with muscle tweaks in my shoulders, neck and back along with some pains in my calf and ankle. That being said I'm pleased to be going and also that I can manage the physical side even if I get thumps beats here and there! I have been struggling breathing a bit the last 2 days but not shortness of breath, this time is sharp pains below my shoulder blade which seems likely to be muscles that are being stretched as my chest fills with air... not comfortable but I'm not too concerned. The ectopic beats, PVCs or whatever they are still make life uncomfortable and are my most troubling post bypass symptom. I'm off to the GP shortly to discuss this along with getting blood results from last week to see how my anemia is doing and my cholesterol levels. Every day a challenge... roll on another 5 weeks when I'll finally get my cardiac followup by which time I hope all this will have settled down considerably.

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hi CCWH, sums it up perfectly, "every day a challenge". Good for you and keep it going

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Hi CCWH. I think for most people, before we needed to go to rehab we probably didn't exercise as much as we should so when you start it you are using muscles you'd forgotten you had. Aches and pains are to be expected.

Hopefully rehab will get you on the road to recovery as you've been put through the mill enough. It's great to see you're keeping positive mate.

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Cheers, if only the premature beats and thumps would stop I'd be happy!


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