Just had letter refusing to change their decision. They completely ignored my second letter and kept harping back to the report from the man who came to see me at home. l explained that he had not written down the answers l told him correctly. l am now going to give up as l don`t want to sit in a tribunal it would cause me stress on my heart. l and my Husband have never had any benefits in our lives its so unfair but we will manage. Take care.

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  • I'm really sorry to hear that - have you read a little more about the appeals process? It seems as though you can ask for someone to be there in a professional capacity to support you and the success rate seems high. Worth sleeping on? citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

  • Thanks for your reply Chris, unfortunately l cannot afford a solicitor and l would get very anxious, l feel they don`t believe how l am in myself because l was relaxed in my own home. How someone who hardly looks up from their laptop and rushed me through all the questions can assess my mental state in 40 minutes l will never know. He made it quite clear he didn`t want me to waffle on as he had many others to see and l don`t want to get stressed at a tribunal. Take care and thanks again!

  • Hi kefalonia. I don't know too much about PIP, but I would think the system is readily aimed at shutting down claims. If you don't appeal it's a victory for the 'man'. Have you sought advice from the citizens advice bureau? They may be able to help, their website us very informative on it plus they say you don't need a professional, maybe someone close to you can help. I would hate you to lose something you clearly have need of

  • Thanks Skid, l have a month to reply maybe l will feel stronger in a couple of weeks l might take our oldest Son with me he is amazing at putting points across but l don`t know if it is worth putting my health at risk for £55.00. a week. Take care.

  • I fully understand whichever way you go

  • It is easy for us to say fight fight fight as the last thing you need is extra stress - maybe take some time out and recharge the batteries then have a rethink. It is so unfair that there are some who seem to get benefits so easily (I don't want to get political but we all know them) yet others who have a genuine complaint can't get any help. I lost any faith in the system when my nephew (who has had one of his legs amputated due to a birth defect) was refused a blue badge as they said he wasn't considered disabled. Makes me so cross.

    Don't give up completely just recharge the battery.

  • Hi, I work at an organisation that fills in benefits forms. Okay, was this a transfer from dla to pip, or a first time pip? If first time pip, please get son in law to go straight to advicenow.org.uk. They have a great pip appeal guide, you can search it for local help, it even generates your appeal letter! ur letter from dwp should give info on which areas you scored points. Please dont give up, if you dont appeal, just apply again but get help with the form, from CAB etc , they can also advise about the medical assessment. If someone helps or cares for you, find your local carers centre and get them to register, they can advise on local services and support your family.

  • Hi Dandy, my last letter was composed by advicenow. lt obviously didn`t work. This is my first time pip and my carer is my Husband, in between he`s working as a lorry driver and has cut his hours to help me. The problem is they don1t believe l need any help, l don`t need the enhanced rate, just the standard one. With lifelong warfarin use l feel so cold most of the time and the heating bills will soar in the winter. l am so unlucky that l didn`t expect anything else. Thanks for your reply, take care.

  • Sorry @kefalonia1, see what you mean, it does seem unfair. My mum is on warfarin and her bills are huge. Would still urge your husband to register with your local carers centre and see if they can offer any further advice, or CAB. Hope things look up for you soon,

  • Hi I've got heart failure and still working full time and I get pip low rate 22 pound a week as I'm classed as disabled cheers gd luck

  • Thanks Wodney. Take care.

  • Hi there, not sure where you are with this, but a high percentage of appeals are over turned. Please try get help from a mental health charity. Do not give up this is a benefit to help those in your situation. There are benefit advisors at the cab who are fully trained and help you with your appeal.

  • Hi if this is your first appeal, you need to call them, write letter telling them you disagree . Fill forms to appeal against in independent court. Ensure all your evidence is together ( letters from cardiologist , gp, ) and anyone else you think is relevant. Need to enfasise how difficult and how much longer it takes to do things. Example simple tasks putting on socks, cooking, having shower or bath. Shopping . Worries,

    Have a look see what points you were awarded first time and second. Anything stand out. I mean contradictions in there assessments.

    Was told before they expect people to just give up the fight and not many go to court. I had Independent panel of three I had one judge, independent doctor and one other ( can't remember her background.)

    Please don't give up the fight !

  • Hi James thanks for your reply, they ignored my reconsideration letter explaining l felt their assessment was wrong. l am improving but it is slower than l expected. l have fought for life and recovery over the last 9 months and there is no fight left inside me for a tribunal so l hate to say l am giving up! please don`t judge me. Take care.

  • PIP and DLA are two very different animals in their roll out. The process for PIP is designed to advance only those with clear life limiting or debilitating conditions, chronic conditions and restrain the marginal applications.

    The previous system was too easy to abuse, however the transition process to PIP is throwing up a number of issues for those with conditions that can be managed by medication or surgical interventions.

    PIP is in development and more work needs to be done on challenging the assessment for cardio vascular issues.

    Advocacy for cardiac issues is difficult because interventions and medications for most patients have a satisfactory outcome and lead to improvement. The assessment documents and interviews are loaded - if you exaggerate symptoms it sets all other claimants back.

    So this whole process becomes too stressful. Appeals fail but too few carry on to the tribunal.

    20 years ago work on the claims for those with mental health issues faced a similar problem so organisations like Scope, Mind and Claimant bodies established an advocacy support team from the charitable trusts which educated the assessors and the DWP. It would appear that many applying for PIP require that level of support now.

    I expect my claim to be rejected, I will appeal and I expect that to be rejected so I am preparing for the tribunal now.

    As more individuals are successful it will be possible to establish specific precedents that will support a future application.

  • Hi Mark, this is the only benefit not means tested. l am not eligible for any other as l rent out my late parents house which has a mortgage but will subsidise our pensions when we retire in 4 years time. Although l cannot work again my Husband still works so that`s my lot. If you read my reply to James you will see l have now thrown in the towel for my own sanity and health. Thanks for your reply, you sound very strong and clever! Take care.

  • Hi kefalonia1,

    I'm really sorry to hear that your reconsideration was refused. I had posted on here a while back when my application for PIP was unsuccessful. I have also requested a reconsideration, and am still waiting on a reply. I think I may have been chatting to you on here at that time, and our experiences with the assessor were very similar. I have been reading other people's posts about not giving up. I know you are so disheartened with all that has happened, but would you not consider going to appeal? You have came this far... I understand when you speak of the stress this has caused. I also suffer from extreme stress and anxiety, and situations like this sends it through the roof! I agree with other posts here that say a lot of cases are overturned on appeal. 'They' seem to let it go right through to the very end for some reason. I would much prefer to be back out in the working world again, but at the moment this is not possible, and was advised to apply for PIP. I wish you well with whatever you decide.💜

  • Thanks Bee for your thoughtful reply. Take care.

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