Help with ECG results / heart palpitations

Help with ECG results / heart palpitations

Hi all, firstly thanks in advance for reading. Easiest way to describe this is roughly for 2 months I notice my heart feels like it beats really heavily or skips a beat when I'm relaxing or sitting still. I've had a resting ecg and 24 hour ECG. The resting showed the interval of blood leaving my heart I believe was 0.21ms where the recommended bracket is something like 0.10-0.20.

I have a pic of my 24 hour ECG... Can you all see if this looks suspicious as my local GP says it's nothing to worry about...? I go to the gym 4 times a week with heavy weight training if this info helps. an upload of my ECG results:

Thank you!

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  • Hello there - from the looks of things you're just having some ectopic beats. These are perfectly normal and everyone has them, it's just some people unfortunately feel when they happen and get symptoms similar to the ones you've described. Usually just a case of bad luck rather than any underlying problems. You can read a little more about ectopic beats here:

    If they're really becoming bothersome then you can ask your GP about medications that can help reduce the symptoms. This is most commonly beta blockers, but do be aware that because they slow your heart rate down you might find a reduction in your exercise/heart rate capacity (you're clearly a gym buff - well done for going 4 times a week!).

    Obviously if things change or get worse you can check back in with your GP any time, and you can also drop back in if you still have some questions about your results or any other investigations.

    I hope this helps.

    Take care,


  • Hi Chris,

    that's such a better response then my GP gave me, much more informative thank you! the only thing that gets me worried is that they are very noticeable when im sitting still. ive been told its probably because im building a lot of muscle that my heart is getting stronger / thicker too... who knows!

    thanks again bud!

  • You're welcome! It's probably because you're not distracted - most people notice them more when they're resting or in bed at night. Sometimes things like caffeine, alcohol and supplements can provoke ectopics so if any of those things can be pulled back it's worth a try :)

  • ok bud thanks. may I ask also whilst I have you here in your opinion based on the results I posted, should I just live with it and not chase any further? my mother advises I go to a Cardiologist to recheck etc but I don't see the point... ta

  • I can also really respond generally, sorry...but we tend to deal with these things based on risk. So, for example, someone who has palpitations and ectopics and also has risk factors for heart disease we'd consider referring on. Someone who is otherwise fit and well with no risk factors we'd deem very low risk of an underlying condition. You can read more about risk factors here:

    Thanks, Chris

  • thanks Chris, ill stick it out and see how I feel in a few more months.

  • Just to say ectopic beats can disappear I had what is called Tri Gemeny ? every 3 beats was an ectopic and I noticed every one !! my GP a young girl had never experienced them.

  • that sounds pretty much what I have. its such an odd feeling but im starting to drink decaffeinated drinks and other small changes to see how I go :)

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