Holiday or not!!

Hi I'm Tracey and have recently been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and also need two stents fitted.

I am due to fly to Turkey in a couple of weeks but now I'm not sure what to do. One of my consultants has said I can go, that it's ok to fly but must have stents fitted as soon as I get back. However, speaking to my GP today and he was quite surprised that I was still going.

The other thing is that I'm getting quite a lot of chest pains and get very tired very quickly.

Has anyone been through something similar or have any advice.


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  • I had a bypass in June and even pre the angiogram (when they didn't have a 'plan') in January I was told not to fly. Even though the cardiologist had said it was doubtful the GP immediately said no - as soon as that had been said all insurance is void for treatment.

    I had booked a trip to Australia and NZ and had to cancel, luckily the GP filled out my claim form and the insurance co paid out.

    That said with your symptoms I would cancel anyway as you are obviously not up for the trip.

    As much as it gutted me to cancel I was actually relieved to have made the decision.

  • Hi Heather,

    Thank you for that. I know it's the right thing to do but I am so desperate to get away for some peace and quiet.

    I've emailed my consultant with my concerns, so let's see what he says.

    It was only 3 weeks ago, I was just walking around feeling rough and exhausted but I was used to that. Then boom GP I think clutching at straws said let's look at possible heart failure. So had blood test done, the next thing I knew I was sitting in front of a cardiologist. I'm still shocked and bewildered by it all.

    I know deep down I'm not well enough but I needed to be told by a grown up. 😆

  • I know how you feel, apart from some discomfort initially when I walked I was okay, I had been planning my holiday for a year it was to celebrate my 60th (Sept this year) When I first saw the cardiac nurse she said it would be probably be fine, the consultant said very unwise, the GP said 'no way', My travel ins will not cover me if I travel against advice of the DR.

    Cancelling was a difficult thing to do as it was thought initially I would have a stent (so wrong) so I was ringing every day trying to rush things, it just added stress. Eventually I realised the angiogram result would be too late so we went ahead and cancelled. Yes, I was disappointed but it did take pressure off. I have decided to be 59 a year longer and maybe do the celebrating next year.

    You must do what is best for you but flying is a risky old business with heart trouble and while a holiday would be lovely your health is more important. You can always holiday as part of your recuperation. :-)

  • We had to cancel a trip to Moscow, which we were due to go on in June, having just been diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis in May. Very disappointing of course, but I know it was the right decision, I didn't feel up to it. My GP completed the form for the insurance company to confirm I was unfit to fly and we got our money back (minus the excess). We will re-book when I'm better.

  • Hi I got diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in Feb, I already had a holiday to Croatia booked in may, but my cardiologist wasn't happy about me going, I eventually cancelled it, but I was gutted I so wanted to go,my GP done the cancellation forms and I got everything back, but wind the clock on another month, things had stabilised a bit and I went to lanzarote with my friend in June, we had a much quieter time than normal boohoo the party day's have gone! I was tired but it was very relaxing, I have now been to Portugal as well airport was a bit stressful but again I was fine, I made sure that I had really good insurance just in case anything did happen, mabe you could just change the dates of your hols till the doctors are happy for you to go, for future hols I am going to make sure there are proper medical facilities near my resort, no trekking round borneo lol 😂, I would feel better knowing I could get to a hospital quickly, reassuring for my partner as well I suppose, its been such a shock and total lifechanger, take care I am sure you will get away as soon as your a bit better x

  • Thank you all. I've had an email from my consultant, it's an absolute no. So I'll set about cancelling everything tomorrow.

    It's a shame but my health my come first. I do feel much better now I know that I don't have a choice.

  • Hi sorry to here you had to cancel, it's a terrible feeling but probs for the best at the moment, and hopefully you will be able to organise another one soon, take care and I hope your treatment goes well xx

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