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I am a 66 year old female, 5ft tall, small boned. My normal weight was around 47.6 (7 and a half stones). However I've been feeling disorientated since April, which has now been diagnosed as Aortic Stenosis, and over the months I have lost about half a stone (I currently weigh 44.3kg). I'm worried that I may be classed as underweight and not able to have surgery. I do try to eat a sensible diet, but can't put back any weight. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Try not to worry too much. I had an underweight BMI of about 17.8 in June and they still operated in July. If they deem it a problem ask for a referral to the dietician who can support you with weight gain. (You can ask for this anyway). My other advice is eat little and often. When I was only 4 hrs old I had an emergency gastric bypass, my pulmonary valve has really upset this and have been vomititng for the last couple of weeks unable to hold more than a 5year old. Honestly eating like a 5 year old bu 8 times a day and I am loosing very minimal more weight.

  • Thank you. Good luck.

  • Great response from Midgeymoo17 - chatting to a dietitian about trying to gain some weight in a healthy way would be really helpful, and your GP can make a referral for you. Unless you were dangerously underweight and/or malnourished this shouldn't affect your surgery, but if you're worried try getting in touch with your surgeon.

    Take care, Chris

  • Thanks Chris, my first appointment with the surgeon is next week. It's bound to crop up!

  • Hi

    When I had my mitral valve surgery in 2007 I weighed 6st 7lb, no one mentioned that my weight might be a problem, so I imagine you will be fine.

    Best wishes

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