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Hand held ecg?

Have been having problems with chest pain for quite some time and my pulse rate can go below 60 and sometimes 50bpm. So, coupled with the fact that I don't feel very well, quite tired and exhausted, and having had a 24 hour monitoring ecg that came back clear, I read online of hand held ecg that someone had bought after also getting a clear ecg result. This device was able to illustrate that this person does have a problem with their heart and they were able to convince their doctor of this by showing the results from their device.

This being a positive step to take, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of these devices and can recommend one that would suitable for this purpose. Cost is a factor but I am wiling to pay the price if it gets me a correct diagnoses or gives me the all clear and eases my mind on this subject..

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Hello, sorry dont have any knowledge of a have held ECG machine. Have you spoken to your GP about your concerns ? Not sure of your level of fitness or age or indeed if you take any drugs or treatment. Do you havea history of low blood pressure?


Have found my GP very reluctant to hear my concerns, but maybe I should mention this to her. My level of fitness, at 56, is not good, with feelings of exhaustion and general unwellness. Someone suggested I might have chronic fatigue syndrome... ecgs, echocardiogram have come back clear, but these symptoms I am getting, including some chest pain and sometimes low pulse rate, makes me wonder if I might have bradycardia?


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