Hi, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am relatively new to having a cardiac problem having been diagnosed with angina on exertion only about 2 months ago. Prior to that I thought I was just suffering from indigestion and from getting old (58) and being unfit! Since then I have had an angio (not a pleasant experience!) and been put on seemingly ever increasing amounts of drugs. My BP and heart rate are on the low side which has been a problem but have settled a bit now.

Stents are provisionally scheduled for mid August. In the interim I would say my function is slowly deteriorating, although I am trying to walk as much as I can, within my capabilities. It is a scary time for myself and my family, having no experience of this previously, although looking at others experiences on here maybe things aren't so bad! My husband and I are now both on low fat/low cholesterol diets and are successfully losing weight :-)

No questions just wanted to say hi and not be a stalker!

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  • Hi Pink Haired Girl (great username!) - great to hear that things are moving along a bit now. Often people feel a bit lethargic when they have angina, especially when they might need stents or bypass surgery. Usually once treatment is over and there's better blood flow to the heart people start feeling much better! It's also great you're losing some weight through eating healthily - good job :)

    Take care, Chris

  • Thanks Chris :-)

  • Hi there,

    I recognise your symptoms, as i had the same but didn't address them! after your stent you will feel better and lose the symptoms. i would suggest meantime get to recognise your symptoms and react accordingly. Do you have glyceryl trinitrate (GTN)?

  • Thanks skid112. Yes I have spray and am using it!

  • I hope your procedure comes very soon. Good luck and keep us posted

  • Hi pinkhairedgirl (I too LOVE the name, have been a pink haired girl myself in the recent past!)

    Thanks for joining us :)

  • Thanks Jo

  • Hi there I am a youngster (like you but 59 years young) I started having a few pains last June, nothing awful but a sharp pain when I started walking, Anyway fast forward after several tests, an angiogram and a stroke (for the hell of it) and I had a single bypass nearly 5 weeks ago. Although far from an expert, in normal circumstances I could have managed with a stent however the blockage was in a very difficult position so the best option was a bypass.

    There is still so much I don't know but am learning as I go. I am sure you'll be fine as I gather a stent is as simple as having an angiogram. That said anything to do with the heart is worrying. Remember we all have something in common. Losing weight can only be good for you (I am talking to myself here) so whatever happens keep at it.

  • Thanks Heather have been reading your posts. Thinking of you xxx

  • XMy husband in the middle of a bowls game felt unwell and had a chest pain, but as he was winning stupidly went on to finish the game! Fortunately he nmade an appointment with the doctor and was whiked into hospital on New Years Eve and transfered to Papworth. He waited until 13 January as there were emergecy admissions and then had a triple bypass. Six weeks later he was back playing bowls and "thankfully for me" driving again! He is 76 years young. So although it was scary all went so well at a brilliant hospital with a caring staff. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and your family.

  • Thanks for your good wishes gemkell2. Pleased your husband made a swift recovery - I am hoping to do the same myself although I still realise the stents are not a cure and I still need to make the changes! Xxx

  • Hi pink haired girl,

    I had a simular experience to you, at 56, started getting chest pains and it took a few months of tests and waiting in between to be told it was angina and had a stent fitted. I used to go for short walks in the area, just a few streets. Amazed how much a difference it made when i had the stent done.

    Could walk further and quicker, do go to cardiac rehab if you get a change, it is really good. I do more exercise now and have a healthy diet and it all helps.

    All the best, Anke

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