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Pfizer Vac lingering fatigue but psoriasis better.

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After both doses of Pfizer vaccine in February 2021, my psoriasis on elbow/ forearms improved, and a small spot on palm completely. cleared. But I am feeling more fatigue now, as the fatigue after both doses just seemed to linger. I'm not new to fatigue, but it has worsened. Still can walk once I'm outside actually feel better walking and can walk miles but the draining fatigue comes back. Anyone received covid vaccines and have lingering fatigue?

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PS and PsA can effect your immunine system, although now I am seventy I do fall asleep quite regular after meals. I have my white Blood Cells checked and they have been quite low. I have blood tests tomorrow for Diabetes 2 and my B12 Injections.

I had my Astra Zenica first injection five weeks ago and get my final Jag in about seven week time so I will await with baited breath


I belong to the National Psoriasis foundation support group for years and lots of people who suffer with psoriasis see an improvement after the covid vaccines but I wonder if this has a lot to with that property of the vaccines being involved with the immune system response and sadly the flip side is people who have PSA and take immunosuppressive drugs to combat it seem to have a worsening of pain after the vaccine.... They really need to study these 2 types of people to see.

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