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Cream for facial area


Can anyone advise me please? I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis in June 2018. I was on Methotrexate and changed to Sulfasalazine in August last year. I was under the dermatologist, but they discharged me last year. I have various creams for my skin, but struggle with my face. Can anyone recommend something I can use, which is also safe for my eyebrow area? as the creams I have are not suitable. I wear foundation to cover the areas, as I am so self conscious about it. I used to have very clear skin. I also wear a CPAP mask to sleep, so have to be careful with what I use, as it can corrode the mask, or be dangerous to breath in. Thanks

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You can try this cream shown below. I suffer from Ichthyosis and Psoriasis, helped me a lot.

Monty56 in reply to bl00lai

Thank you. I will look into that.

Hello Monty56, I have used sunburn (blue stuff) cream. It has vitamin e and lidocaine in it. It stops the itch. Try a small area first. Definitely doesn't hurt. Good luck.

Monty56 in reply to Skymollie

Thank you. Will look into that.

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