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My son suffers from psoriasis on his arms. But recently he is determined to get a tattoo. I've tried to put him off, but it's not working.

Does anyone have any experience of tatoos and psoriasis? Will it damage the skin and trigger spread to new areas?

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I have 9 tattoos and developed psoriasis before I got them. I’m going to say that there’s a couple things that might make a difference. It really kind of depends on where exactly on his body he plans on getting it, what type of psoriasis he has, how severe , how much and where is it located on his body and is he in remission or under control? I have mild plaque psoriasis mostly on my knees, elbows and sometimes a little more spread down towards my hands. I also highly recommend looking for a tattoo ink that’s a little on the more natural type (Look for no metal additives ETC) I used A & D ointment or something like Aquaphor for after care. Other than that just keep the “old saying” in mind that you get what you pay for and that definitely includes tattoos

Im a big NO for tattoos when you have psoriasis, it can cause a flare and if you have Koebners Phenomenon it could have horrible consequences and you have no way to know until it happens.

Jakki-82 in reply to Batty1

Thanks Moemoe & Batty.

We will proceed with caution. If at all.

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