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Beyond Psoriasis
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How have your symptoms impacted friends/family/social interactions?

Today we'd like to hear how psoriasis has impacted your social life?

Has there been an impact on your Partners? Parents? Children? Friends? Or other extended family members? Do you have family members who suffer from psoriasis too?

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Hi Maddie fortunately I haven’t had any adverse reactions to my psoriasis.Its never shown on my hands or face.

Regards Mike


Well, even now in my 60s, I'm embarrassed showing my arms but more so my legs. Having to wear trousers when a dress would have been nice and at my daughter's wedding wearing tights on a very hot day, just to hide my marks.


I live in the US. I have had psoriasis since the age of 13 and I am now 55. I would say that my psoriasis seemed to impact me socially much more when I was in my teens and twenties. But I recently had the thought that my choice of very conservative clothing back then simply became an ingrained part of my personality over decades and now I just think of it as “my personality”. And, It’s somewhat troubling to think that I allowed “hiding” to become an integral part of my personality. I really admire the trend with some younger people NOT to cover up and just to wear what they like and shut off the voice in their heads about what others may be thinking, whether real or imagined. I hope they have developed better ways of responding to a rude or inquisitive comment in a positive way...rather trying to avoid them at all cost as I did. Imagine if a comment like “Wow! Are the bugs that bad?” could be seen as a chance to have an authentic conversation with someone who just meant to be socialable. And I think that that sort of confidence building coaching may be very valuable to people with all sorts of chronic health issues. I now occasionally wear dresses in the summer with bare legs...something I didn’t do for 25+ years.

I HATE all the Enbrel, Humira, etc commercials that pray on people’s fears. Here in the US they are impossible to escape, as they are so common in magazines, tv, social media...everywhere. They pray on one’s fear of never being touched, of never having a date, fear of business interactions like shaking hands, and even fear of going into a pool with your children because they may be ashamed to be seen with you. As if they share our pain. As if their drugs didn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars. As if we weren’t already aware of those fears in our lives without having them acted out in front of us a dozen times a day, day after day after day. As if the side effects didn’t mean due consideration of risk illness or even possible death. My friends would say that I’m usually a logical and not overly emotional person, but obviously those advertisements make me “see red”. I sometimes actually feel hatred for the pharmaceutical companies and their marketers for their manipulation of me and mostly of people younger than myself.

When I think about this, I always come back to the fact that there are people with far worse diseases, that everyone has some issue or another, and that I am blessed for the life and health I have...and I move on. But if I had to live my life all over again, I would tell my 20 year old self to wear the bikini to the beach and the sleeveless dress whenever the spirit moved me to!


I have had psoriasis since I was about 5 (my father was also a sufferer). Now, into my late 50s - I find it has considerably more impact on my life now than it ever did when I was a lot younger. Many of the clothes in my wardrobe I now won't wear .. When it is bad (which it is now) I wear long trousers nearly all the time. I won't go swimming as I feel self conscious. The irritation is worse in the evenings and I'm fed up by being told not to scratch. Others have thought I've got a load of mosquito bites and I've been asked if it is infectious ... again, depressing.


Has I’ve said I’ve had psoriasis since 2 now 52 and having had in my hair on face and whole body. I never learned to swim has got fed up of ppl asking what it was and can you catch it . Funny neither I’ve never being bothered about ppl looking at them only when it’s sunny and they go bright red. That’s only time it bother me. But with other family members they always hid there’s.



It has made a difference to my hair,skin and nails. The irching under my skin is soul destroying and gives me ulcers on my body. One of my grandsons suffers from eczema.


My mother passed away last year. Before she had a stroke and thought I was my sister, I had seen her one time in 4 years -I went to her house. She was afraid she might catch leprosy - literally that is how she referred to the palmoplantar pustular psoriasis.

Some friends who onced hugged me pre-psoriasis go out their way not to.

Strangers think I wear gloves in public to protect others (from what?) when the real reason is to keep others’ germs out of the cracks and fissures in my hands.

It’s difficult to accept that I’ll always have to wear socks and shoes regardless of the weather, nevermind a dress. The medications/internal inflammation caused veins in my legs to become roadmaps within ONE MONTH. I had zero broken veins before starting my first biologic (dermatologists are at a loss).

There is no known psoriasis in my family, tho my brother does have pemphigus and pemphigoid (in remission thank God).


When I was bad with P I attracted a lot of stares as I had it on my face, arms and legs - I always wore shorts and short sleeves; the stares didn't really impact me, but I am sure my family/friends were a little conscious of it. Having your own personal snow storm was quite unique...! Also sweeping the piles of skin out of the bed each morning was quite disgusting!!

No family members suffer with P as far as I know.


I am fortunate that the only part affected and visible by psoriasis is one middle finger and elbows. I am 72 years and cease to be embarrassed. I have had to placate those sensitive soul that it is not contagious, Honest!


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