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clothing causes my Psorasis to irritate

Hi ,ive been diagnosed with non specific Psoriasis,have seen a dermatologist at the hospital and he took skin samples and scrapes,but so far has offered me no advice on what to use to stop the irritation,when i wake in the mornings my legs have scaly patches and after a shower i use vasaline to stop the itch,the hospital has just cancelled my appointment and i wont be seeing the dermo guy till early december!! can anyone tell me what non specific Psoriasis means??

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Hi Romper

The derm may be waiting to see what the biopsy reveals before committing to a more specific diagnosis. Psoriasis (p) is treated with many different things and each person can react differently to different types of treatment. I am surprised that they didn't offer any advice or treatments at all though? Whilst Vaseline may provide the relief from the itching, it is not addressing the cause of the itching, I would suggest that another topical cream/ointment would provide longer term relief, there are over the counter forms or stuff the derm/GP can prescribe; it can be a bit trial and error to see which cream works best for you. More info through:

The GP/derm can also prescribe you steroid based creams, but these are for shorter term use and you need to wean yourself off them. I found that after using steroid based creams the p patches reduced or went, but soon after stopping using them the p came back bigger and with more scales.

Some people find that dead sea bath salts and Oilatum bath oils help. Perhaps a moisturising shower gel/cream or patting your skin rather than rubbing it after showers may also assist?

With regards your appointment with the hospital, call them up and try and get an earlier appointment, or get pt on the short notice list for cancellations. Also ask if they have a Derm Nurse who can provide interim advice and guidance outside of the consultant apts. If nothing comes up, go back to your GP, they should be able to provide some help in the short term.

Good luck with your p.

BTW, I have chronic plaque p, controlled using humira injections, but have tried Light therapy, cyclosporine and methotrexate on my journey with p, plus also went erythrodermic too; not nice!!


I was told that antihistamines would not work for the itch of Psoriasis so was never given any. After one particular nasty itchy episode I took some and low and behold after a few days the incessant itching was under control. It may be worth trying some.

Also try using Bepanthen Cream instead of Vaseline, it provides a much better barrier. You will find it in the baby aisle as it is originally to prevent nappy rash.

Also sea salt baths are great.


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