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Accessing Social Security Disability Benefits

I cannot understand why I cannot get a doctor who will support my need for having my SSDI benefits resumed. Stating an overpayment, through no fault of my own and then ceasing my benefit NEVER ENDED MY DISABLED STATUS! Right? Anyone else have horror or success stories to share? I need some support in accessing my benefits!

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I am in the UK and have a number of debilitating conditions.

I applied for PIP in 2014 and got my mobility component after appealing. It was he same story this year. My next assessment will be in 2013. It is stressful isn't it.

So, I have gone from stressed to less stressed. Its left me with worsened anxiety, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, Meniere's and a new issue, alopecia.

Dont give up fighting. All the best. x


Oops, brain fog, next assessment in 2020!


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