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Inflammatory markers help please

I have just been to GP and she gave me results of my last blood test and my inflammation markers are 12 she says if the hospital ring up to say they are changing my appointment for next week tell them I have to see a rheumatologist.

My query are these results bad??? Any advice will be welcome. I know the RA and.PsA are really playing up. Do hope others are not to poorly xxxx

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I'm sorry, can you repose the question. I am not sure what you are asking. Thank you! ❤


When I got my blood results the nurse said my inflammation was 12. I wondered if this is high. Do not know what the norm is


Linda - CRP levels of 12 - is not high, it is above the <5, so there is something going on, I have had levels of 300 when I was quite poorly with an infection - that's just to show you how high they can go

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Thankyou for that I had no idea they could go that high take care xx


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