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I'm new here, but would appreciate any advice about Psoratic Arthritis in my neck and possible self help tips please

My last MRI has shown that my arthritis has spread to my neck, I had an idea it had as I've been having problems with my right arm, it was really bad November last year every morning I'd wake up crying in pain and could not move my arm or hand. It felt like my arm was dead and cold and my hand felt like it could explode with intense pins and needles. It went away after about 6 weeks, but since March this year my medications have been changed a few times and over last couple of months I keep feeling a tingling in my neck and my right hand feeling a lot colder than my left. In the last 2 weeks its been getting worse the tingling in my neck is happening more often and most days my arm feels dead and numb and my hand has pins and needles and feels like a block of ice. Doctors don't seem to help apart from increasing my medication which hasn't really helped. Thanks

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What meds are you on? You need anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling from the arthritis. It sounds like it's impinging on nerves and causing this neuropathy. Do you have a referral to a neurologist? That's who you need to be seeing. It sounds like your current Drs. don't have a good grasp or don't care about treating your problem correctly.

You can put ice/cold packs on your neck to try to help reduce the swelling. You also can take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin if they don't conflict with your other meds.

Is it possible the MRI might have shown impinged discs on your spine? Or herniated discs? It's possible you need a steroidal injection or 2 at your neck area. Called ESIs (Epidural Steroidal Injections) here in the US, these can bring a tremendous amount of relief. They often are done in groups of 3 injections about 1 month apart. Sometimes you only need 1. I had these when I had similar problems to yours and they helped a lot. I didn't get better immediately, but I did improve a great deal over several weeks' time. I avoided surgery by having the ESIs.

Your arthritis can be pressing on nerves in your spine in a number of ways. You need a qualified Dr. who cares to look at that situation to see what is causing your neuropathy. You could also be having these problems and the cause may not be the arthritis but simply time and wear and tear on your spine. But you obviously have symptoms that your Drs. don't seem to be addressing. Please work to get a referral to a neurologist and we can only hope that it will be one who cares.


Hi Beldi 22,I had very similar a few years ago,I won't kid you and say its better,but with the help of amitriptolene/duloxetine etc,it's easier,my neck was apparently damaged at C4, however 11 years on I now have C5 C6 &C7 damaged I'm sure they called it wear and tear,I call it a nightmare the pain and numbness,the disability it causes, mine was the left side, so to be truthfull it's not better, I used to carry big boxes(work related) bags and baggage,I'll do that,even though I knew I had Psy.arthritis,I carried on big mistake,all I can say is treasure your joints all of them because they really are precious,every joint in my body is affected, just my neck I could manage, but I know life isent that easy,if I could offer any advise it would be , be kind to your limbs and don't batter them with anything even exercise,best of luck.


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