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Hi people :-)

Hi, just thought I'd put this here since I've just joined this group ... I suffered a massive plaque psoriasis flare up last year that covered about 95% of my body and hospitalised me .... I'm OK now and I'm on steroid creams but have had plaques on my legs since the flare up which is becoming annoying since I've started running recently I don't want to wear shorts much (yet anyway) but does anyone have any tipsif people jog or not on what to do because the weathers getting warmer and I want to live in shorts in the summer :-D 

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I have camouflage make up for my legs and elbows which covers my plaques. If you are UK based, I went to Changing faces who carried out the colour testing etc then gave me a prescription to give to my Dr. I can now cope with warmer weather as I can use the makeup - which is waterproof :-) and be able to wear shorts and short sleeve tops without feeling too self conscious. Hope this helps 😀


Hi i just read your story did the dr give you the makeup on perscription? I have been looking into camouflage to hide my psoriasis but they are so expensive, i have psoriasis on allmost my full bottom legs from the knees down over, and lots of it on my arms and hands so it would be far too cost effective as i would need so much of it to cover it up, thanks in advance x


Sunbathing  out in the sun as much as you can in the privacy of your garden might help but be cautious of not overdoing it & use a sunscreen appropriate for your skin type. Not sure if you're male or female but what about wearing  3/ 4 length joggers that are made from a breathable/ staycool fabric.


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