Feet pain


Amitriptyline is helping but not completely and over last week or so pain is there all the time from base of my toes across the top of my foot to my ankle. It feels like burning/prickling sensation. 

(Having a hand/wrist flare too) 

I have an appt with podiatry next week, but my rheum isn't too interested in my feet as no swelling and pain not in expected places like Achilles or ball of feet. My foot soles and toes don't hurt but tops of my feet as though someone has stamped on them. I wonder if it's a sort of tendonitis. 

Anyone else have unusual foot symptoms? And any tips for podiatry appt? 

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  • I have fairly constant foot pain, which almost seems to come as standard.  Apart from that I'm thinking I might just be in remission ... though the actual meaning of that word foxes me.  

    Maybe I've just had so many aches & pains for so long that I've got used to it.    Maybe, if I'd gone straight from robust health to where I am now, I'd feel that something was actually very wrong.  I just don't know, but I'm trying to evaluate it all.  I work, in my opinion, but I do not go out to work, I do various bits and pieces that bring in some money without a regular job.  A 'proper' job might be the acid test.  I guess that could be the acid test for you ... how's your stamina .... do you spend time off sleeping or do you have some spare capacity?  Even if things are hurting a bit, that might be the key question, probably .... I hesitate to be too categorical.   Could be that your symptoms are liveable-with.  

    Trust your instincts and press for further help if necessary.  PsA is a long-time coming, often enough, and we learn to blame ourselves or anything other than the disease, but with this diagnosis we have a genuine basis on which to decide that pain or fatigue or just feeling 'yuk' is too bad to live with contentedly.  After thinking it's all in our heads comes the reality of deciding whether our lives are doable or not, whether the disease is under sufficient control or not.       

  • I had a 1 year remission . The pain subsided and I thought I had cracked it. Sorry to say it came back with a vengeance in my right foot . Just agony! Enjoy the break!!

  • Most of my symptoms are in my feet. Believe me you can get pain in your tendons and joints of your feet. My Rheumy spent 5 months telling me I had tendinitis . I was in a wheelchair for 3 of them. in the end an increased dose of methotrexate and Humira had me walking again.  Don't be fobbed off with the tendinitis thing , make sure they do an ultrasound scan or MRI

  • Can I ask where your feet hurt and did you have an MRI or USS? I had x-rays at baseline of hands and feet (July 15)  and a diagnostic hand USS (DIP joint activity so PsA is chosen label) but nothing since.

    My feet dont look much different, they don't hurt to touch or squeeze but they hurt all the time. I am in bed just now and ankles are very throbby. Not so bad I can't walk, but I avoid walking if I can...

  • Rather than rambling as I did, it might have been more helpful to say that I frequently have a burning & prickling sensation in my feet, primarily in toes and ball of foot but it's not the sort of sensation that's limited to one place, it spreads outwards.  I do have a little swelling on the top of one foot but the burning sensation pre-dates that & is definitely in both feet.  It has got somewhat better since starting Humira & I think it's enthesitis.

    My rheumy isn't that interested in my feet either but his reasons seem to be that I'm still walking okay and there's not a lot more they can do, which is true!  He does however acknowledge that having a whole smorgasbord of different types of pain in the feet is pretty typical of PsA. 

    I'm wondering what are the best things to ask at your podiatry appointment .... I'd quite like to see a podiatrist myself so it'd be great if you'd let us know how it goes and about any suggestions they make.  I may have mentioned before that the burning in my feet is relieved by Tai Chi .... or rather it gets quite bad a few minutes into the set and then gradually disappears and usually stays gone all day after that.  So one thing I'd like to know is whether there are other kinds of exercises that can help.  I guess the other obvious question is about shoes.  I know we usually work that out for ourselves but expert input might spring a few surprises perhaps.   

  • Thanks both of you. Podiatrist on Tuesday and rheum on 17th so hopefully will be improving soon. I have been feeling extremely well this last week, so suddenly i couldn't quite believe it. I have no idea why, but apart from pain, I feel completely like the old me, no fatigue, no wet blanket on my shoulders, no muddled brain. still very painful feet and achy hands. I could cope if ts always like this. I have no idea why except the change in weather. Surely thats an old wives tale?? Or maybe my vit d was low and massive doses received cos my mtx has made me photosensitive?? Anyway I am enjoying the break from feeling overwhelmed and beaten every day!

  • No it isn't an old wives tale - weather and the barometer makes a difference. I am just north of Atlanta GA - we get a lot of rain & I can always tell when it's coming. My PsA began in my foot w/plantar faciitis, then swelling that never went down but no pain, then the pain came along with a discoloration over the worst spot NOT over a joint area. Then other aches & pains in other body areas. Soon thereafter I broke out in Palmoplantar pustular Pso on the bottom of the bad foot. I agree w/ other poster - don't let the Drs keep telling u it is Tendonitis, tho an MRI won't always show anything in early stages as mine did not. Bloodwork showed "something" inflammatory going on, but seronegative. Less than 10 months now the bones are visually changing for the worse in my feet.

    Best of all to you - so glad you're having a break - hoping the bad stuff goes far far away and stays there!!

  • I am new on this website, but I have the exact symptoms you describe. I have just been given prednisolone until my follow up appointment next month, when I will be put on other meds. The pain on the tops of my feet has been excruciating. I have had to wear my walking boots all day at work. In the evenings I sit with ice packs or a lukewarm foot soak. I hope you receive this reply as you posted this some time ago! You have a fellow sufferer! It is definitely tendonitis.

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