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My psoriasis story

I remember being in year 4 and suddenly having outbursts of redness in my ears, on my elbows and arms and legs. I was told I had impetigo and within a year it was all gone. Just before secondary school it came back and I was passed around various doctors trying to figure out what was the matter with me. The only place I had it was on my forehead, in and behind my ears and on my scalp. We told to doctors we had psoriasis in the family just to be told "no, no, it's not that". Anyway, we paid £100 to see a skin specialist who in, under 2 minutes, told me I had psoriasis. I'm now 20 and I've been living with it for about 8-9 years. The only treatment that seems to work for me is betnovate ointment and regular moisturising. In the last year or so it has started to spread and I have small patches on my chest and back so it is getting harder to cover. 

My boyfriend of 6 years is my rock. It took me a very long time to be able to not wear makeup in front of him but it has never bothered him and he calls me beautiful no matter whether I have it covered or if I'm au naturale. I think without him I would be no where near as confident and care free as I am. So I owe him a lot. 

Thanks for reading,

Lou X

I would like to find out more about treatments that other people use and what has worked for them so please feel free to message me! X

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Hi Lou...i've suffered from Psoriasis since 1989 and have worked hard to control it with the help of the NHS and some alternative healers. I am currently in remission, but still have to do treatments twice a day. It's worth it though.

1. I was hospitalised in 1990 with Guttae & Plaque Psoriasis. I had three week intensive treatment including UVA Light treatment and Coal Tar applications. It cleared it completely. I again had this treatment in 2013 as an Outpatient. Again it cleared .

2. For emotional support I attend a Counsellor for Aromatherapy, Hipnotherapy and stress counselling. Helps me deal with the condition in my head. 

3. For treating my body...I use Dermovate Cream. 

4. For scalp I use Jason Tea Tree shampoo.

5. For delicate areas I use Aqueous Cream.

6. I avoid Swimming pool ( Chlorine )

7. Research the Internet, and liaise with others with similar symptoms . 

This regime works with treatments twice a day, its a bit of a bore but it works for me. I have been dealing with it for 27 years , and if I was to offer any advice, it would be, don't let P control your life. Be proactive and control it. 

Good luck. 


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