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Alternate biologics

Hey people hope you are having a wonderful day. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist in a couple of hours to discuss about my latest condition with psoriatic arthritis and how effective humira has been. Well I had 3 injections so far and I can almost say it had NO effect after all, absolute zero! I'm gonna tell him about this but I dont know what he'll suggest. I still have 3 injections of humira waiting in the fridge. Did any of you guys also have no positive results with humria? If so what alternate biologic was reccommended for you and did it work? I heard and read so much positive comments on humira and when it didnt work on me I felt like " if humira couldnt heal me then nothing can " I think he'll advise other biologics but I dont know...Im really having a down right now :)

Thanks for reading. 

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3 injections is very early days.  Assuming you're taking it every fortnight that's 6 weeks, which can feel like an eternity I know.  Rheumy's assess whether a biologic is working after 3 months or thereabouts and there's a reason for that - it's slow acting.  I think it took about 8 weeks for me to feel any benefit and that was quite quick.  Over time it has continued to deliver .... I felt good, then even gooder!  18 months on I feel goodest!  It may not work for you, but unfortunately patience is required before giving up on this drug.   Good luck, travel hopefully!      


thats almost exactly what he said:) thank you


Good luck laidback, here's hoping you see results soon.  

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Hi. Like you I had no affect with the Humira injection. It didn't work with me either. I'm now in process of another new injection. Called Stellara. I know it works because its cleared all my dads Ps. Hope this helps x


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