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hey guys Ive been on humira for 4 weeks now and although I talked to my doc about this, Im still having doubts so I wanted to ask you. I know these type of drugs suppress our immune system so does it mean we are more likely to get STDs than others? I mean does it make us wide open? Or it just has nothing to do with that, only effecting an already existent disease? I always have safe sex without any exceptions but I just wanted to know if anyone else thought about this and could give me an opinion. I dont want to throw my sexual life away over a pointless fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

Thank you

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  • Humira as you said surpresses the immune system so any threat that invades the body can have an easier time once in your system. As you already practice safe sex you are reducing the risk of any STD. I've been on Humira for around 5 years and have had no problems. Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the reply :)

  • I've been on Humira since June 2014 and the only bug I've had was one cold. Everyone seemed to have it at the time and in fact I recovered quicker than most. I'm also pretty accident prone but nothing bad happens to cuts etc. Humira targets a small part of the immune system, I don't think it is strictly correct to say that it lowers it.

    Well I'm a happily married 60 year old and STDs aren't exactly on my personal radar .... but I hear they're on the increase and that some (I'm thinking chlamydia) can present quite mildly but potentially have devastating effects. Plus some STDs seem pretty easy to catch compared to other bugs. So I think you are very wise indeed to be thinking about this. I'd imagine a combo of safe sex combined with regular check-ups would be the best approach. And most doctors would, I'm sure, appreciate the fact that you're being extra vigilant due to Humira.

  • thanks indeed you are right Im very strict about regular check ups but I think I may have gone too far by not having any sort of sexual activiy for more than a month :)

  • Good question. I am a female, age 53, I have been on biologics for 15 years. I, too, find sex a vital part of being human and alive. I have never stopped being sexually active in any way. It helps manage the pain! Being single, "safe sex" becomes complicated but I do the best I can. I have never contracted an STD. Saying that, I want to tell you about a very serious problem that has just started. Which, I am going to have to say IS PROBABLY related to sexual activity. I am experiencing chronic UTIs (urinary tract infections) that are treatment resistant and have moved upwards into the bladder and kidneys. Late last summer I was sick for over 2 months and the infection required 4 courses of different antibiotics to clear up. If you have never had an infection of this kind you will not know the pain and suffering it causes. Needless to say, all kinds of tests have been performed, and my case is elevated to a specialist, a gyno-urologist. Well, I am in the throes of another infection and on my second course of antibiotics. I am impecable with my personal and my sexual hygiene but when the culture says e-coli; it has got to come from somewhere! It is probably just me, as "if anything bad can happen it happens to me". But always remember to pee after intercourse. And good luck.

  • I want to mention another problem I had. I HAVE LOTS OF EXPERIENCE ; ) Just kidding. I have been in biologics forc15 years. Anyway, and again recently, there was a period of time when I was having chronic problems with vaginal odor. And we women all know how delicate the microbal balance must be for a healthy vagina. So something was affecting that, and no one ever talks about it because usually it rights itself quickly. But mine didn't. I went to Planned Parenthood and a very knowledgeable health-care practitioner prescribed to me a compounded prescription for BORIC ACID 600 MG, inserted as needed. One after menstruation for maintenance. Again, this is not necessarily an STD but, who wants this problem when you want to have intimacy? No one. I wish I could say this discovery came to me earlier in my life as I have had this problem before, but even at 53 years old I still enjoy a very active sex life. This treatment has been effective for almost a year and despite chronic need for oral antibiotic, 7 courses in that time, I have had no vaginosis, yeast, or otherwise infections that indicate a disturbance in the vaginal tract.

  • On the subject of safe sex and use of biologics, I do not want to miss the opportunity to comment on birth control. I have used an IUD for 25 years. And although I was concerned about the impact of infections with the presence of a device inserted at the cervix, I have never had an infection or condition linked to that. All pap smears have come back negative. Just fine. Hormones never worked for me. And just look at the efficacy percentages for an IUD! My exhusband, a ob-gyn, told me it is more effective than sterilization and easily reversible. What more do you want!

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