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Methotrexate can it cause clumsiness

Hi Guys

Been on Methotrexate for a 5 months now, its not working for me i will be going over to injections very soon.

I was just wondering can methotrexate cause clumsiness , I took my 8 tabs today sort of feel ok

other pain and stiffness in my hands which is the norm thing is I broke 3 plates and 2 cups today

i cannot belive it , I feel so angry with myself , i am running out of crockery at this rate I down to 5 glasses now.

IS it just me'' or could it be something in methotrexate has anyone out there experienced same thing

will it go away in time

any advise will be great

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That would be a new one on me! But possibly ....

I am a whole lot clumsier than I used to be though, and I blame PsA. It doesn't really tally with how stiff or painful my hands are etc., some days I'm just plain clumsy & awkward. The few times I've had a steroid injection in my backside I've felt like the tin man in a WD40 factory .... as if I'm suddenly gliding about on casters, all my joints moving with ease. PsA affects tendon attachment points as well as joints so perhaps we get a level of background stiffness of which we're not aware and which might not even show(?)

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Hi Postle2

You maybe right it could be down to PsA I know i have lost my grip on things ie opening a jar or trying to do my daughter top button up ,its been pointed out to me by my children that i become more clumsy. I have regular hip steroid injections

so i know what you mean, I was on oral steroid for a year for the first 6 months it was amazing I was pretty much pain free my psoriasis completely

went, but most of all my extreme fatigue went I was really clear in thought,

no brain fog. it was great but it had really bad effect on my diabetes sugars sky high so they cut down the steroid dose and every thing came back.

put sheds loads of weight 10kg but know I have lost of weight and now its a

working progress to try and find the right meds, with less side effects.

thanks postle2


Yes .... jars and buttons and also things tend to just fly out of my hands! I do have strength in my hands e.g. I can undo quite a tight jar lid, it hurts but I can still do it. And I suppose my fingers are a little deformed but nothing like as bad as many with PsA. I guess it doesn't take much to impact on the fine motor skills.

There's no way I'd want to be on steroids long-term. But they are a good stop-gap aren't they? Which meds have you tried so far?


I was on methotrexate when I was younger and it worked really well, no problems just regular blood checks. No side affects and now sadly my 9 year old granddaughter was diagnosed at 2 years old with juvenile arthritis but is also on methotrexate. Thankfully no side affects for her but is also on a drug by infusion bless her as the arthritis is affecting her eyes (uveitis). She's such a brave, beautiful and happy little girl.

I would suggest trying methotrexate if offered.

Best wishes Jackie


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