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i have psoriasis on my elbow, nails and small patches on my scalp. I also have lichen Sclerosis around my nether regions. I have osteoarthritis too. I'm a 57 yr old female. I am currently seeing a rheumatologist as my doctor thinks I could be a a good candidate for seeing one. I've had several blood tests for hypothyroidism and liver, magnesium and ones i can't remember. Most of them have come back satifactory, except my liver has come back with markers and inflamatory markers in my bloods. They asked me if I was a drinker. Which i'm not a heavy one I drink below my 14 units.

Anyone else have these experiences?

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  • Hi yer i have Paoriasis and lung disease am not a drinker tea total.

    Not that its done me much good but yer i do have flair ups on my bum cheaks and other two

    Do you know what they mean by inflamation markers.

    Are they talking about blood cell neutrophils

  • I have psoriatic arthritis as well as psoriasis. I believe the percentage of people with psoriasis who get psoriatic arthritis is around 30% though rather depends which resource you look at. I have some osteoarthritis, mainly as a result of joint inflammation caused by PsA.

    I have raised ALT, a liver enzyme, as a result of taking Methotrexate for quite a while. However one nurse did suggest that I had a 'psoriatic liver' i.e. that my liver was particularly sensitive as part and parcel of the diseases I have. Inflammation markers will be CRP (C-Reactive Protein) and / or ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) which show how much inflammation is circulating in the body.

    Nobody wants these appointments and the possibility of another diagnosis. However if you do have PsA or another form of inflammatory arthritis then the sooner you can get treated, the better your prospects in the long term. Do you have any joint problems or other symptoms such as unusual fatigue?

    Will you post about how your rheumatology appointment goes? Good luck, hope all goes well.

  • Hi Lije,

    I used to have psoriasis in my scalp, and I do have PsA, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, Vit D deficiency, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc. It's in my profile. When the inflammation markers (CRP, ESR) are elevated, that tells the Dr. one of my problems is flaring up. My liver enzymes stay normal and that means they're handling all of my many drugs without too much difficulty.

    When you say that your liver has come back with markers, that sounds like your liver enzymes were too high and your liver is struggling to do it's job. I don't know what drinking 14 units means. But I know your liver needs a break, if I understood you correctly. Whatever you can do to lighten the load on it will help it get healthier. I rarely drink because I can't afford to add that challenge to my liver. I take about 27 drugs throughout the day and alcohol has effects that last a few months according to a psychiatrist/pharmacologist I once went to. He explained the whole thing to me and it made sense. I'm not trying to preach to you, just giving you info I felt lucky to have this Dr. to explain to me. Possibly a pharmacist would know this. Anyway, the point is to take care of YOU while you still have a decent liver. You can't just pick up a new one at the grocery now, can you?

    I've never had the lichen sclerosis and I think I am fortunate. I am just getting over 4 months of a yeast infection in my groin area...the panty line. Maybe it's similar? It was a nasty and uncomfortable experience. Very time consuming to put the meds on and then powder and clean up.

    Take care.

  • my ct scans always show something wrong with my liver along with all my organs but not my blood tests.

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