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Hello everyone, I am 30 year old male, weigh 257pounds and am 6 foot tall. I know that by standards, I am overweight, crossing to the obesity line. I have recently started exercising again, was relatively non active since my daughter was born in 2012. For the last few years, I have been dealing with panic attacks slash anxiety and sprinkle in that I am a big of hypochondriac, I think I'm dying everyday. I am a purchaser for a large company, and it comes with a lot of stress. I have recently been getting what I believe to be these stress related Symptoms or I hope they are stress related. I feel light headed, some times when I breath in it almost feels like I get that drowning sensation, I also sometimes feel pressure on my head, my eyes sometime hurt and I feel restlessness also can't keep my mind calm it's always racing, as well I have now become more aware of heart rate and have woken up sometimes due to my heart racing. On Tuesday I was at a baseball game and all of a sudden my heart jumped to 183 bpms and then slowed down, I am constantly feeling my head for growths as I am paranoid and it is slowly driving me insane, I often have break downs alone where I cry in a bathroom at work because I just want my life back, I wasn't like this and I am afraid, and not so much of death of missing out on my family. Someone please help me, I've gone to doctors done blood work and they come back ok, I did an ekg I also did a stress test and those came back ok, but what am I feeling? I am not making it up, I feel so helpless.

Thank you for reading this

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You would benefit from practicing relaxation. It has to become second nature as it is hard to implement something new when you are in the throes of anxiety. Go with the increased heart rate, don't fight it. Exercise, or thinking of something exciting are easier to imagine at these times rather than having unrealistic expectations of relaxing that doesn't match with what you're feeling.

You can also gain control of your digestive hormones which interact with your stress hormones. Avoid foods that cause abnormally high levels of insulin such as potatoes, rice, cous cous, most bread (including wholemeal), Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Ryvita, melons, ripe bananas, reduced-fat dairy, baked beans, broad beans, parsnips, pumpkin, flour and sugar.

Aim for vegetables at every meal, eat low Gi keeping carbs to about 150g per day, and most of your calories from natural fat that raises insulin minimally.

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