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Defined by a number

Ive started to notice the little things. Today I didnt finish my lunch because for once my body knew it had enough. Just like my brain tells me nah we dont need that chocolate or fizzy drink.

I tried talking myself out off going to the gym convincing myself that id had a stressful week. Instead I found my way to the gym.

I use to believe that the number on the scale defined me as a person. The little or not so little number determined weather I felt good and if I was worthy enough

I judge myself on my accomplishes big or small. The number I know use to judge me is the minutes ive done in the gym. The number of days I went in the week. The number of times I left a shop with a bottle of water. And how many fruits and veggies are in my meal. This are my goals, this are how I determine my success

This numbers im able to control if im not happy then its because I havent tried hard enough.

Ultimately that number on those scales do matter just not so much or for the same reason. That number simply tells me if what im doing is enough or do I need to switch it up.

I refuse to be a number. My life is more than a number. I deserve more than a number

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Go you! My previous post about positive mental attitude touches on this. I think it's more than 50% of the battle and you're well on your way thinking like that x x

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