Ate the Pizza!

Back from holiday, long journey home........felt I needed something to revive myself, bought a 'not very good' pizza, ate the whole thing. Couple of things here for me, I gave up pizza for July, was a really good challenge and I enjoyed that. I didn't enjoy the pizza I feel like I have moved on from wanting this type of food. Inside me there is a healthy person who wants to come out, but sometimes the emotional me takes over. Resisted ice-cream and all sweet things on holiday (for me that's where I want to be), so to come home and eat rubbish is just not right.

We are all different, but I do love the discipline of not having certain foods.

My pledge today is no white bread, no pizza and of course no sweet things at all for the next month. Lets see how I go.

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  • We all make mistakes....especially when we are trying to reach a goal. I love this idea of giving things up for a month. It sounds like an awesome way to gain control over the not so healthy foods we eat. If you don't mind I would like to use this idea :)

  • Great, it is all about control. I sort of chisel my way through the foods I don't want to eat using this method. Pizza for me was something I enjoyed, but I enjoy more and feel better not having it. I have my own issues with portion sizes, this is an ongoing problem for me. Good luck in your month challenge.

  • yes, portion sizes are a big issue for me.....the eating more smaller meals a day has been a struggle. I only feel like eating a few times a day but when I do they are big meals that are never healthy. Thanks for the support :)

  • love the idea of giving up for a month! I am so stealing it! I am gonna try to give up sweets for a month and see how it goes. I have a sweet tooth and a penchant for white bread. I am like my granny who weighed all of 95 pounds and lived on bread and coffee but I am a bit lol bigger than she was. good ideas!

  • Oh white bread......When I was on holiday I had big chunks of white bread toast ed and enjoyed thick white bread cheese sandwiches, a real liking of mine.! Did it, enjoyed it, felt bloated afterwards, but heck, I was on holiday! I know I can't do this on a regular basis, my body doesn't like it........As you know I have given bread up for a month, in my mind this is a sort of detox i

  • i always feel bloated and guilty when I eat like that which is more often than I admit to myself. I have to give up sugar or I will never get healthy like I want. I am having such a hard time with it. I bought cookies the other day and have almost eaten all of them now. I am not sure what to do . I mean I know what I should do it is just so easy not to do the right things.

  • I just watched a sort video regarding giving up sugar on you tube. It reinforced to me why I do it.....I think I have this one under control, I can and do say no to all the obvious things like biscuits, cakes, puddings, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. I do eat greek yogurt, sugar free jelly and tinned fruit in natural juice, this satisfies the feeling of wanting a pudding.