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Another day

Another day

Have been having a bad week...very weak and tired and nauseous. God I hate being me sometimes!!

It was Halloween last night and it took me all my strength to make it down stairs for the kids..Fire lit I sat on the couch and watched the fun..not even enough energy to join in with the sparklers or go out in the car trick or treating. Sad but true.

Had an early start and after all the rain we had in the night I couldn't believe we had a frost too and then to see snow on the local mountain!! Snow on the 1st November..Out came the camera..

I am a prolific photo taker, my kids are well used to me by now, stopping randomly and taking pics so out came the camera and the pics were snapped...enjoy

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Hi ya, Not good to hear your suffering hun.

I did manage although I don't really know how! to go out trick or treating last night in the pooring rain with my Daughter and 3 school friends. After a bath to warm up all I was fit for was to go to bed.

Started on Azathioprine a few weeks ago and have already had my first cold for over a week now. Having BD certainally does drag me down if I let it.

Thankfully I am of the mind set that I don't give up easily, sometimes though things get so bad I have no choice but to give in as my body physically can't cope and I can't even get out of bed.

Great pic of snowy mountain. Can't say the view I have out of the window is a great one!! Grey sky and bare trees lol.

Hope you feel better soon x x


Glad you were able go out the kids are what life is all about my hubby and a good friend took our lad out and another good friend stayed with me in front of the fire with a G&7up!! So all was not lost!

I am taking Imuran and luckily I have not been hit by any colds or chest infections (had flu injection so that helps)

My mind set is like yours most of the family would love to do more for me and for me to let them help more but I feel that as long as I feel I can do something then I will not give in a keep doing it..

One thing I have had to admit is that I CAN NOT drive in the dark any scares the hell out of me..I keep seeing things that are not there and lights all over the place...someone said when I told them it sounded like I was tripping// I'm just glad I have never tripped wouldn't like it at all.

Its not that great a view if I'm have to look out the velux window by standing on the bath!! Not so nice now it is raining again.

Have a great day. xx


I think keeping a diary of your symptons and taking photos to document them is a great help to me. I have found that when I am in the throes of a painful episode and exhausted I can look at my diary and know it wont last forever. It gives me hope at times of the darkness. I hope this helps.


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