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Not happy with my treatment and want to change consultants. Any advice on how do I go about this ?

I have been diagnosed with BD for the last 9 -10 years. I live in Cardiff and was seeing a wonderful caring consultant in Bristol as advised by the society at the very start of my diagnosis. My GP had no problems with referring me at the time, however, I was informed just over a year ago that the funding for this was to stop and I had to see a consultant in Cardiff. After many letters to the health board from both myself and my GP, it was still declined. My GP and I decided to give it a go at Cardiff. Well after one year my health has declined, my blood work is all over the place and the aches and pains and ulcers are as they have never been before I have also just had the fourth infection in as many months and feel rotten. As you can understand, I want to go back to Bristol where the doctor actually listens and my GP had no problems contacting him via mobile telephone in an emergency or flare up (which he feels he cannot do this as it stands) Can anyone give me advice on how to tackle the health board and apart from the obvious give legitimate reasons why I want to see this consultant.

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I am afraid this relates to devolution, the Welsh Hospital Boards are now separately funded and decide where to spend their money and consequently like it to be spent in Wales. Try your Welsh Parliamentary representative and write to your PCT asking for a full explanation of why you cannot get to see and expert in England. This situation affects all in Wales as they will also not get funding to attend the new centres of excellence. The Society has a list of Behcets consultants for Wales but it is a small list, contact


Many thanks I have written to my local AM, but unfortunately did not get very far. She did write to my local health board but again not much luck which is why I agreed to see this new consultant last year. Worse thing I ever did. Seeing GP this week to ask his advice too. Thanks for the reply very much appreciated. Will write to AM again and just nag and nag and nag!!


It seems there are two issues here - the fact that your health has declined since changing consultants and the fact that you do not get on with/have confidence in your current consultant.

The decline in health may not necessarily be attributable to your Consultant, this does happen with BD anyway. Your previous Consultant may not have been able to prevent or treat this any better than the new one.

However, we all want someone who we feel is doing their best for us, who listens, who understands and whom we get on with. Would it be possible to ask for a second opinion rather than try and see your previous Consultant again? The time and effort this is taking must be stressful and in itself having a negative affect on your health and perhaps you would be happier and feel better sooner than if you carry on with things as they are.

There should always be a member of your current Consultant's team on duty so if emergency advice is required your GP can be access it via normal proceedure.


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