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Bakers Cyst

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Hi all,

Does anyone suffer from recurring baker’s cysts???

I do my best to keep fit running etc, me and my physio both put the recurrence in both knees down to the exercise but the last 2 times they have just come out of nowhere, basically I start to feel restraint in my knee then by the end of the day my Knees are full like a ballon with fluid!!!

I have currently taken a day off work (which I never do) due to a bad flare, and while I am resting the back of my knee is twitching and starting to fill with fluid, I haven’t exercised since the weekend and I have been fine…

I’m beginning to wonder if this is another development in this relentless disease.

Anyone finding these symptoms???

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Hi, I’ve had reoccurring Baker’s cysts behind my knees and came across a very good product called Osmopatch. I believe it might be made here in Australia and works basically on the same principle as the patches one puts on their feet to draw out toxins. I’ve tried both and whilst they both work Osmopatch is better. The alternative is to go and have the fluid drawn out under xray. I have to admit I’m a bit of a sceptic with some of these ‘cures’ but it has definitely helped me.

I had never heard of these patches Lesley has recommended but will certainly be looking to give these a try on my hips, knees and ankles especially since you can also buy in the UK, the company link provides more information on the product and suggestions on where to use:

Thanks Lesley.

You might wish to try Epsom Salts in a compress, mix Epsom salt with water or an alternative to dissolving Epsom salts in water, you can also make a paste of Epsom salts and water and apply this to the skin. Cover the paste with a wet cloth.

Hope you find some relief soon.

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