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Does anyone suffer from gout? I have had a real flare up in my left foot which is excruciating. Just wondered if this was common in Behcet sufferers.

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Hi 2016

A few years ago my GP thought I was suffering from gout but after tests it turned out this was not the case, I still continue to have awful pain in my feet and ankles and this is still being investigated. I have not seen any concrete evidence that links gout with Behcet's, I can only suggest you have a blood test to check your uric acid levels , this is done through a routine blood test or it can be tested by urine but this is a little more messy with the process of what you have to do with your full days urine 😏 take a look at your diet too for purines.

Take care, Gillian

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Thank you for your reply. My GP insists it’s gout am awaiting blood test. I drink apple cider with turmeric in every day and my diet is very controlled with regards to what I eat and drink as if I’m not careful I get IBS problems and various other things. I have broken my right leg at the moment and am having difficulty putting pressure on my left foot because of the pain. This pain in my left foot has happened 3 times now. My doctor is not very open minded I’m afraid. I think I might ask the fracture clinic when I go back next week and see what they say. Hope they get to the bottom of your ankle and foot pain as it gets you down after a while. All the best Biddy xx

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Hi Biddy

Really sorry to hear you have a broken leg, the pressure on you other foot must be awful and not being able to do much about it because of having to weight bare, I really feel for you 😔

Where abouts is the pain you are getting, I am interested to see if it is anything like I get. I think that is a great idea to speak to the fracture clinic they might be able to help. Let us know how you get on.

My feet have been a huge ongoing problem and a lot of the problems are they prefer to not refer you to the foot and ankle specialist unless it's hugely problematic, mine are changing all the time but I get localised pain and swelling which podiatrist and rheumatology cannot solve but it's taken them 4 years to refer me to foot and ankle, after waiting a huge amount of time my appointment with the specialist was imminent but then covid 19 started, now I've been warned my appointment is likely to get pushed further back so they can deal with more important patients...

I have ehlers danlos too so I keep wondering all the time is it my tendons and ligaments giving up on me as I'm growing older, my flexibility used to be so beneficial to me but I feel things are starting to cease up and hurt... moany moan over.

Try snd give your foor/feet a good soak in Epsom salts if you can.


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Just got hubby to get me some Epsom salts shall have a go. The other thing I had before coronavirus was Japanese Reflexology once a month which obviously had to stop. Haven’t had any since April, this really made a difference. I will see if I can post some pictures.

Are you on Otezla? I had a weird blotchy red rash, my big toe joint hurt and I couldn’t put pressure on that foot. It’s going away now that I’m only on 1 tablet of the Otezla. I’m wondering if that Otezla dose was too much 🤷🏼‍♀️my rheumatologist believed it was something mechanical in my foot (wants me to get an x-ray) and told me to wear more supportive shoes, my Chiro has always told me barefoot is the best (that’s what I’ve been doing). To be honest I don’t think doctoreven knows.

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I am taking no medication. My left foot has flared up twice now. I am taking cider vinegar with turmeric daily. 2 tablespoons in half a glass of water as this is supposed to neutralise the uric acid which causes gout. If it doesn’t work all natural so no side effects. Biddy

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