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Just wondering, every time I eat something - whether a meal or a small snack. I am getting lower stomach pain and bloating that makes me look 9 months pregnant.

Does anyone else get this??



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Sure do Having a lower GI with contrast/ MRI scheduled for Friday. Seems the illum, right before the appendix may be having issues with Bechet's. Although the Dr. is hoping it's either IBS or Cron's. Wonderful. Will keep you posted.


Hi. I have gastrointestinal Behcet's that causes a rapid 40-LB weight loss and a lenthy stay in critical care when it flares. Rigorous treatment (rather than dietary changes) is essential to survival during tht difficult time.

Do you plan to connect with your doctor? Wishing you the best.

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Yes. I used to get the same until I gave up gluten.


Try cutting out dairy and gluten - I'd try just gluten first


Hi Papapickle

Yes I used to get this most days, its very uncomfortable. I removed all refined carbohydrates, potatoes and started a mainly plant based diet which helped.

But I was still having some issues and the only other thing I was taking that could have been a problem was Omeprazole so I told my rheumatologist I was going to stop taking this because I had read of others having bloating, pain and discomfort so I gradually reduced them to every other day then every 3rd day etc. I felt so much better coming off them and only get issues with bloating if I eat the wrong things, which I have removed from my diet but still have occasionally 😊 like pastry, toast, mainly flour based products.

I simply set a date, removed everything from the cupboards, set myself a series of meals, went shopping and started. It was a little odd not having potato based products and pastry as well as desserts, love crumbles, sponge cakes etc 😏 but started making yogurt and kefir and added fruits, became creative with vegetables and salads, chopped my protein up to make it appear more, amazing how a slice of cheese can look like lots when chopped in little pieces. Replaced rice and pasta with the occasional quinoa or buckwheat, spiralized vegetables to make it look like spaghetti. I have porridge for breakfast with fruit and yogurt, I eat more seeds and nuts, some pulses make me bloated too which is very common, I was told to rinse pulses much more then boil for ten minutes then thoroughly rinse again then cook the normal way, rinse again if eating cold, which seems to help a little.

Recently I have had more carbohydrates when ill last month and my body reacted badly to this, I have been speaking to a friend who is gluten and lactose intolerant and seeing how she gets on, I am going to have a try at gluten free flour for when I have visitors and for those occasions I really want a piece of cake or a slice of toast 😁

Might be worth you experimenting with your diet for a month to see if this helps in anyway. Or maybe write down everything you are eating and drinking and make a note of any triggers and work through eliminating these products, I found it easier making the full change after planning what I was doing and setting a date.

Also have a look at your medication, can any of these cause your symptoms...

Hope you can get some relief really soon 🙂


yup, turns out i was sucrose intolerant. Being on a low carb diet, with low sugar fruits helped tremendously. I do not have stomach issues any more! I eat meat, fats, vegetables (no beets or carrots/parsnips). Of course no corn.... that is a trash food anyways.

try doing a diet elimination.... but you will need to read labels carefully. there are many names for the same thing.

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