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Is chest pain related to Bechets?


My teenage daughter was recently diagnosed with Bechets and is now complaining of mid- chest pain. We have appointment with rheumatologist this next week. Could this be another symptom?

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The chest pain could be so many things (heart, lungs, ribs, muscular, GERD). So glad she has an appointment with her rheum to figure it out. Hope she gets to feeling better soon!


I do not have Bechets; I have Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriatic Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia. I’m responding to your post because I have a similar problem.

While we do not have the same conditions, we do both have chronic inflammatory diseases that can cause joint pain. Within the past few years I have developed chest pains on the bone. This can/does occur with inflammatory joint diseases. An article on Web MD states (in regards to Psoriatic Arthritis) “Although rare, chest pain and shortness of breath can be symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. These might happen when the chest wall and the cartilage that links your ribs to your breastbone get inflamed.”

As previously stated I do not have Bechets, but because I’ve dealt with similar circumstances I wanted to share this information. I find hot baths or a heat pack on the area can relieve some of the pain. Also, I do notice the chest pain occurs more-so when I am flared and sometimes relieving back/shoulder pain can help with the chest pain. Please share your findings once you she sees her doctor. I wish her the best in her journey!

MamaMouse in reply to amberly87

Thank you for the info

I was told it was the prednisone. I am on 40mg so a pretty high deal. AMberly may be right though as now that I think about it the pain does seem to be coming from my rib cage.,..

I am also 24/7 tacardic. my resting pulse rarely goes below 130-140. Check her BP and her pulse when she is having these pains and keep the log for the doctor.

MamaMouse in reply to RayRay121

Thank you for this advice. She has been gradually weaning off the steroids.

I would say chest pain can be lots of things and i would check oxygen levels to be safe. Can run the gamut. Chest pain is not something to take lightly. Pulmonary embolism and pleurisy can both cause chest pain. She’s young and it sounds new for her, I honestly would be more likely to take her to urgent care just to rule out something more serious. I tend to be a better safe than sorry person. I had 5 blood clots in my lungs and didn’t even know it, so i tend to be more cautious now. Worrying as a mom is always worse for me anyway I’d rather know it’s nothing wrong...hope she feels better. And so sorry she’s dealing with this, it’s crummy when your kiddos are dealing with something serious that you can’t fix I know.

Costochondritis - inflammation of the the cartilage that connects ribs to breast bone - is very common in Behçet’s. It tends to come and go with flares and can be very painful. It can mimic heart and lung issues so these need to be ruled out before a diagnosis is made.

MamaMouse in reply to Jaxxi

Thank you for info.

gillianTS in reply to Jaxxi

I too have Costochondritis and yes affects everything you have said Jaxxi :-/

MamaMouse take a look at whether your daughter has aggravated this area, I tend to find movements at a high chest level like cleaning windows, using repetitive movement, I would not play racket sports now for fear of this being triggered, I do feel repetition is key for me. It affects my sternum quite a bit and then moves into my ribs both front and back, it's uncomfortable and a simple teeny prod really is sore.

Costochondritis can and has felt like you are having a heart ussue, what I do if I feel like this is check my blood pressure and pulse. I also have mild mitral valve regurgitation and prolapse apparently associated with the Elhers Danlos which I have too but I have heard other BD people have this too.

Hope you can get answers from your rheumatologist appointment if in doubt ask them to refer you to get this fully checked out.

Gillian 🙂

lesleyg in reply to Jaxxi

I was checked out for my heart a couple of times (early days for me with BD). I wasn’t told what was causing the pain but costocondritis makes sense.

I, too have costochondritis and at first thought it was a heart attack. Did tests to make sure it wasn't the heart. It is too easy to say everything is Bechet's related but in my case the chest pains were. Talk to your doctor about CBD oil. Wonderful for pain and inflammation. Do your homework to make sure it's pure. I order mine on Amazon. Rocky Mountain, Carmel flavor. $39.99. Lasts me about five weeks.

If it feels like a rope wrapped around her chest- it could be anxiety. My anxiety was sky high during and after my diagnosis.

Bd can have lung involvement but more so on a bronchitis aspect.

My chest pain turned out to be myopericarditis so defo get her checked out.

Yes I’m another FMS/Behcets patient and can vouch for costochondritis resulting in chest pain plus just diagnosed with sinus tachycardia. Best wishes

Hi MamaMouse,

I hope that you and your daughter find something that eases the pain she is experiencing soon.

Working diagnosis of Behcets with costocondhritis being one of the constant symptoms throughout, on my end. I have found natural stress pills aimed at reducing oxidative stress and promoting relaxation to help temporarily. CBD oil has also helped in the past.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask away!


Hi I hope your daughter is feeling much better. I was diagnosed at 21 and I’m now 22. I also had the mid chest pain I asked my doctor he did say it’s all inflammation from the Behçets. I trust him bc he’s a rheumatologist with over 30 years experience. Not sure if others have also felt this pain but he did make me aware that no body part is off limits for behçets it attacks anywhere. I have had pain in my toes, I have felt like my veins where inflamed, even felt like I have been excersizing for hours after just walking up a flight of stairs. Hope all is well and wishing remission for you daughter.

Thank you for your response.

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