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Medication, and taking it abroad!

When going on holiday, I have to take a large amount of medication, and this includes refrigerated injections...does anyone know anything about this, do I need letters from my doctors etc....I’m finding this all a big minefield, and I’m frightened I’ll get it wrong, and I won’t be allowed to go...

I’ve not been abroad for a while due to getting clots, so any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you x

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Hi there,

I have been in the same situation, having taken a lot of medications abroad including refrigerated injections.

Despite it being a liquid, I was allowed to take the injections, inside a cool bag designed for that which I bought from Amazon (I think it was one designed for diabetic medication) BUT I had to have a letter from my doctor explaining what it was for.

My injections could also not go through the X-ray because apparently it would deteriorate and potentially ruin the medication. Again, as this was stated on the Dr’s letter, flying out at the UK airport they were fine with this and just inspected it instead of putting it through the X-ray machine.

Coming back, however, I had one injection left and the foreign airport disregarded the letter and put it through the X-ray anyway, so I disposed of that one injection afterwards.

I hope that helps. One word of caution though... be aware of the laws in the destination country concerning any pain medication you are taking. The law varies from place to place. Your Dr’s letter needs to list all of your medication really and the condition for which it is taken. But check that you can legally have any specific pain medication in your destination country.

All the best,



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