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Pain and Bechets

Does anyone suffers from leg ulcers resulting from.Behcets need help in how tp treat it and what to stop eat how to get better faster

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Hi Sammy!

I do! I get them on my shin and back of thighs. I use tea tree oil and a anti- bacterial ointment prescribed by my rheum. The tea tree oil works great.

Food wise: I stick with a high protein zero grain diet. I am also allergic to grains lol. But follow the low- inflammation diet and that helps with symptoms :) i hopes this has given you some guidance. I know some others have some great tips. Like turmeric with pepper at night. And lots of water.

I hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted:)


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Thank you soo much


Thank you for sharing :)


Hi Ash

I pretty much follow the same diet. No red meat. Lots of vegetables, fruit,plus salmon. NO WEAT or cakes etc

Lots of berries and nuts and sprouted bread My Reumatologist agrees with that diet and when one sticks with it the benefits are great reducing inflammation

Before bedtime

I heat up coconut milk and add ginger,turmeric , plus top it of with a little cinnamon and manuka honey. Taste so good and helps me to relax.




Hi Sammy. I found that steroid ointment works better for me than any cream did (especially on ulcers in the painful and sensitive feminine areas). I have always used cream and just happen to get an ointment one time. Couldn't believe the difference. I am guessing it's because it ointment created a barrier rather than soaking in

Hope you get some relief soon. Best of luck :)


Hey thanks for replying whats the name of the cream?


Hey. I have hydrocortisone 1% ointment and cream. I think you can get it in a stronger % but i prefer a lower % and the ability to put more on without thinning skin. The ointment has definitely been the better of the 2! X


Hi Sammyjo88, do take pics to show your doctor at your next appointment. Do you have a dermatologist already? If not, maybe ask for a referral. Good luck with finding the right treatment for you.


Thank you

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