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Hi guys,

I am just one week into the AIP diet, it's the first time I have did any sort of diet in my 36 year life, I have been on doxycycline for well over a year on and off I'm not sure if it helps me or not as my symptoms have always been here throughout but possibly mouth ulcers haven't been as bad. BUt since I started the AIP diet I have stoped tacking them and its probably the worst flare up in a while. I am going to try and persevere on this diet without any drugs and clear out my system of all inflammatory triggers And take it from there.

Has anyone ever found the AIP diet a successful outcome, if so just how good where the results and how long did you have to do it for results?

What's the best remedy for mouth and throat ulcer relief?

Thank in advance

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Keep going! AIP has changed my life! I would strongly advise you to get a qualified nutritionist to support you and not stop any meds suddenly. After a year of strict diet I now eat what I like apart from gluten and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, chillies and aubergines) I found that gluten triggers a slow flare but nightshades affect me within hours. I'm now steroid free apart from 1 eye drop every other day for my uveitis. My consultant and I are working to reduce this to nothing.

There is so much new research showing that auto immune problem are triggered from gut health. Keep reading, loads of info out there that most medical people don't acknowledge.

It's a tough journey but SO worth it. I feel in control of my health and no longer petrified by the doom and gloom that I used to feel as BS sufferer.

Good luck! xXx


Hi Cozza - please excuse my ignorance but what is Behçet's disease?.


Yeah i don't think you should stop the doxy. sits one of th weird medicines that does hav anti inflammatory properties. Are you not on college? colcrys is wonderful for preventing and reducing ulcers.

as for diet- i say go for it. I myself am on a carb free(ish) and sugarfree diet. I had originally started out on candida and slowly progressed to anti inflammatory. So now i eat meat. veggies. fats. no fruit except rare times of strawberries and blue berries. no breads. no pastas. HUGE difference for me.

I do eat rice on occasion and i eat beans and nuts and indulge in milk sometimes (difference from aip) but ultimately- no processed foods or sugars.

Get yourself on a good probiotic as well. i highly recommend nexabiotic 21 along with acidophilus-pretty cheap off amazon.

and as always- keep up on rest! can't heal if you're running around all the time.

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Hi Hampo80, If you don't mind my asking - were you taking doxycycline for Lyme disease?. Also, what made you decide to stop taking it in order to do AIP?.


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